Little-known Pritty Vishy who came to the limelight when she announced that she was dating the veteran rapper, Stivo Simple Boy ha left netizens talking after revealing her dowry fee.

Stivo and Pritty had been making headlines for a few months giving Instagram couples a run for their money. During her reign a sa girlfriend, Pritty had helped expose Stivo’s management that had been mishandling him.

Even though she had no receipts to support her claims, Pritty claimed that at one point, the talented artist had sighed a deal of 120,000Ksh but was only given 4,000Ksh by his management.

She had also revealed that his management disliked her even though she had dated Stivo for seven years.


The break up

Pritty and her handsome lover, Stivo, broke up unexpectedly. Because according to her, Stivo only listens to what his management says without questioning, even if it is against her.

“Assume one day God blesses us and we get married, what will happen to me? My in-laws will one day visit and ask him to send me away, and he will do it without objection,” she said.

Pritty was later forgotten until a video of her crying over Stivo emerged. In the viral video, the young lady was seen wailing and crying profusely calling Stivo’s name. Steve, why are you doing this to me? I did so many things for you. I sacrificed a lot for you... sobs*

She wondered whether Stivo dumped her for the other lady because she was pretty or because she was skinny. ”… Why Adasa? Is she more prettier than me? Does she deserve you? I went extra mile for you. I did so many things for you. Why choose another woman? What does she have that I don’t have? Look at the way she’s skinny. Adasa is so skinny for you… Umeni hurt so much…”

Stivo has always remained mum about his relationship with the young lass.


Bride price

In a recent interview, Pritty disclosed that her bride price stands at two million Kenya shillings and a car. She warned that nobody should think of taking cows to her parent’s place because she is not interested in that mode of dowry payment.

“My dowry is Sh2 million na mtu asijaribu kuniletea ng’ombe. Sitaki ng’ombe sijui ati inasukumwa. Mimi ni Sh2 million and that’s it na ukitaka kuleta ng’ombe heri hiyo pesa ununue gari.

Elsa Majimbo had also made it clear that her dowry stood at 4million. What is yours?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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