By Wanjiru Mbaru

Comedian Elsa Majimbo is completely unbothered by the opinion of Kenyans in regards to her style of comedy and dowry price.

Widely known Elsa Majimbo has been the talk of the town throughout the weekend. Since appearing on the Wicked Edition by Dr. King’ori, Kenyans have not stopped talking about her. Here’s why:

Elsa is a renowned comedian with a unique sense of humor. She has a huge fanbase in South Africa as compared to her home country, Kenya. She appears to be brutally honest and comical. And she recently landed a deal with the U.S. comedy central. Amazing, right?

Now Kenyans are funny people. Elsa has received so much backlash from netizens claiming that she is not original. She has once and again been compared to the one Rono Chebet.

Elsa has however stated that she began comedy before Rono only that Rono got the spotlight before her. She disclosed this speaking on a live session with Shaffie Weru.

Netizens via Edgar Obare’s Instagram have also shared their views on the same.

I’m too expensive… Elsa

The other reason as to why Elsa Majimbo is trending is: In the interview on Wicked Edition, Elsa stated her dowry price. “..My dowry is four million dollars…” She said heartily.

The controversial advicer, Andrew Kibe, who happened to be in the interview with her was the first person to throw shade. Kibe felt that there’s no need for women to place a price tag on themselves. Because that makes them objects that you treat as you wish.

watch the interview

One particular reaction that has caused so much commotion was spotted on twitter. Posted by a toxic feminist, sorry to say, known as Aoko.

Based on her profile picture, you can tell that Aoko is an elderly woman. Bitter at life maybe? Her post is very insulative, degrading, demeaning, and unexpected from a woman her age. Well, that is if you believe in ‘girl power.’

Kenyans have taken to ridicule Aoko for trying to put down a teenager for simply believing in herself. And others felt there was no need to attack her if you can’t match up to her dowry demands.

Well, I hope Aoko understands that Elsa Majimbo is completely unbothered by her sentiments. Not even moved an inch by them.

Elsa-Completely unbothered

Edgar obare reached out to Elsa after netizens were done sharing their views. But Elsa categorically declared that she’s not in the least bothered.

So, you can see some of her funny videos on her Instagram page.

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