It has been so long since we heard new music from Stivo Simple Boy or any drama for that matter.

Stivo is without a doubt the most private artist in Nairobi. Since our artists are always busy doing anything for clout out here. In fact last time we heard about him was early last year when he talked about his love life. See article.

So reports making rounds on social media have it that Stivo is being financially exploited by his manager.

It’s alleged that his manager called Oyoo never gives the singer his money after shows and events. For instance, say he was paid 70k the manager only give him 2k only.

And as if that is not enough, Stivo has limited interaction with fans or the media. Because the manager is scared that he will reveal the kind of things he does to him.

It’s also alleged that the famous musician despite his hit songs still lives in a mud house. In the 21st Century.

One person who works closely with Stivo has also chipped in the ongoing rumors.


He has disclosed that there is a studio with modern equipment which was donated by some whites. But still, it takes months for Stivo to release a song due to poor management.

Apparently Stivo barely even manages to feed himself despite being famous and talented. So his former producer named Mkosti once complained about Stivo’s plight. But he was shown the door.

Also, the guy who writes his music was fired after he demanded payment. And an American producer that had been working with Stivo also flew out after being frustrated.

When Stivo did a hit song with Vivianne, it is reported that the management was given 60k. But Stivo did not see a penny.

See screenshots of the report

What are your thoughts on the plight of Stivo Simple Boy?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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