Kibra-based Kenyan rapper Stivo Simple Boy has denied claims that his management is exploiting him.

In an interview with Lynn Ngugi, Stivo cleared the air after rumors spread like wildfire that he was being financially exploited by his management. See article.

Kenyans have sympathized with the singer who does a candid campaign against drug abuse.

So speaking to Lynn, Stivo rubbished the rumors saying that his management shares money by half. Unlike what the rumors had that he’s given 2k after being paid 70k.

The rapper however appeared unsettled throughout the interview and his body language indicated that he was not telling the absolute truth. He was barely smiling as he always does.

When Lynn inquired about his living conditions, Simple Boy said that he doesn’t live in a mud house as rumors had it. Adding that getting money from music is never reliable. As it is a bit challenging.

Stivo said that his management has worked with him for long. But he could not give a clear answer on the terms of the contract. Though he mumbled something like they renew after every two years.

Clout chasing?

Stivo argued that people are always trying to throw shade on something good. Adding that the rumors might have come from someone who has high expectations of him. Otherwise, if anyone has evidence to support the rumors they should come out and say it

I want someone who indeed has evidence to what is being said to come out and assure that it is happening in truth, he said.

Simple Boy also boasted about being very talented. And Kenyans should give him time to perfect his skills.

He also revealed that he has a new song coming up soon. But the rumors are in no way clout chasing. Stivo Simple Boy hapendi kiki. Kama ni msanii alianza hii maneno atoe ngoma basi. Be patient with me. Vitu vipya vinakuja. Said Stivo. Watch video

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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