Veteran rapper Stivo Simple Boy after maintaining silence over his shattered relationship finally disclosed what went down.

Stivo amused Kenyans when details of his relationship to little-known Pritty Vishy emerged. And the fact that they had been together for three years left netizens dumbfounded.

No sooner was the relationship publicized than it went crumbling down. There’s just something about publicizing relationships that fastens a breakup, right?

The couple parted ways after Stivo was seen at the Coast spending quality time with an unidentified female. Pritty was later seen crying a river condemning Stivo for breaking her heart.


She’s not a wife material

Speaking to popular YouTuber Mungai Eve, the rapper revealed details of their breakup.

He claimed that Pritty was not a wife material and there were habits about her he disliked.

Stivo also claimed that Pritty had been pressuring him to engage in sexual intercourse yet they were not married. He had requested the lady to tame her sexual drive till they officiated their union.

According to Stivo, Pritty found that very backward and claimed that he was too religious thus dumping him.
Stivo confirmed to Eve that he is still a virgin and was waiting for the right time to engage.

“I refused to sleep with her, I told her to be a good girl and act maturely so that we could wed. I also told her that we would get there (being intimate) after our wedding but she couldn’t wait. She then decided to leave me saying I am too religious,”

He said

Pritty denies

The young lass has expressed her utmost shock as to why Stivo would be using her name ti clout chase. We have never had sex, nor have we slept in the same bed. He’s a shy man, Pritty said.

She added that he used to live with his sister, who is married and in a single room. Thus they never got the chance to have sex.

What are your thoughts?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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