Size 8 might be handling a group project?

By Baba Mboga

Wull dzamn son!

Is it ironic that I just received this news on a freaking Sunday?

Well count on me to do this preaching because Dj H*cough*o had it coming.


See what I did there?

So anyhu.

Size 8 was chilling out with le manz you know…

Working on her sizes and whatnot.

One thing led to the next and not before long all guns went Jamaican.

I really wanna descibe it to you but I’m only limited to what the camera tells me.

How about you go ahead and take a look?

Dj Mo cheating on Size 8?


According to the streets, it’s been well known that this dude has been having a bit more to chew over the years.

So I decided to Google him while doing research and turns out the same thing happened last year.

Man, give your girl a damn break.

Allegations every year?

What is this, Atwoli’s labor day speech?

Speaking of labor… ama wacha tu.

Issastory for another day.

But I’d really like to know.

As much as I dont know the reason y’all were arguing.

There has to be alot of unaddressed tension if all blogs are talking about alleged cheating.

Not once,

Not twice.

But a couple of times.

I kinda noticed Size 8 can be quick to temper here so idk.

It could be genuine.

But if it’s just a stunt for that godawful reality TV show y’all putting out there then you have sunk to a new low in my eyes.

Time will tell.

But until then si you can follow me on Instagram?


Here’s another article I did the other day.

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