So this lady DMs the tea master, Edgar Obare in an attempt to expose a lady who is a supposed side chick to her husband.

The lady, Vivian, must have been typing at a speed of a hundred words per second. Because she was itching to get this issue off her chest.

So Vivian gave a detailed description of the events. From how her hubby told her he’s going out with boys to how she caught him red handed. She must have seen a red flag because last time we talked about boys club it was a whole other story.

Apparently, upon getting to Naivasha, the hubby starts acting all weird and distant. He refuses to show her his room through a video call. And instead talks to her while he is in another room. He then proceeds to switch off his phone and I can imagine how her blood was steaming at this point. She quickly figured out that something is wrong.

As a result, Vivian proceeds to plan an impromptu journey of a thousand miles to go ambush him. Women ‘s instincts are very strong, huh. She packs a few things and wakes up at 4 am to accomplish her mission. Thank goodness for the curfew because an agitated Vivian would have traveled at midnight.

Upon arrival at Sopa Lodge in Vasha as the cool kids call it, she stumbles upon her hubby in the company of a lady and a few other friends. Here she gasps for air because she is speechless then calmly asks the skimpy(I assume) dressed lady next to her husband. ‘Hey girl, who are you, and are you with my hubby?’. She’s not too certain because this is the first time that her hubby is cheating, according to her.

The lady, Elsie, denies being with the man. ‘No, siko na yeye!’ she responds anxiously. Then says under her breathe ‘who is she even to come here confront me about my man! Mscheew! Kwani hajiheshimu!?’

Vivian proceeds to cause drama and mayhem at the hotel, throwing tantrums. Luckily, Elsie ran for her dear life. Otherwise, Viv would have dismantled her jaws, pulled her hair, and broken a limb or two. So the only option she had was to rummage the hotel room that Elsie shared with her husband and throw away all her belongings.
See video.

By messaging Edgar, Vivian was trying to get Elsie, the side chick, exposed and for everyone to know that she is a cheap woman who sleeps with people’s husbands. But Edgar thought ‘hmmm nuh… This is not a matter of national urgency so go sort sort your issues with your hubby!’ ouch!

As usual, Edgar reached out to the alleged side dish to hear her side of the story. But she categorically said that the two are not even married. And she sees no issue in the whole ordeal. Like Vivian should just call her and talk to her like a grown-up instead of hurling insults as seen in these screenshots.

Also Vivian announced on her WhatsApp status that she is currently single. And she is absolutely happy to close that chapter of her life with her hubby because she deserves a man who respects her.

So the big question is, who is to blame? Fans sent in their thoughts about the same with the general feeling being that Vivian should not have attacked the other lady.

If we can be honest ladies, the urge to attack and scratch another woman for wanting your man is so real. Whether or not you act on the urge is upon you.

From my point of view I think both the hubby and side chick are to be blamed equally. Chances are, when the man approached Elsie he presented himself as a single man, divorced or probably widowed for pity. And what choice did Elsie have if she was falling head over heels in love?

However, I greatly feel that she would have done a little background check on the man before being engaged with him. Instead of saying ‘oh the lady is toxic even to the man’ making herself look like a healer or a better option.

The Nairobi hit song is slowly being actualized kwa ground and this should be a matter of national concern. Because it’s this hideous relationships that married men have with girls that are leading to an increased rate of femicide cases.

If you found your partner cheating, whom would you blame?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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