Resigned socialite Shakilla has revealed why she took a break from social media after trending for all the possible wrong reasons.

The twenty-year-old lass had been making headlines back to back since she rose to fame.

The rise of Shakilla

She particularly got famous when she went on an Instagram live with controversial blogger Xtian Dela. So in Live, Shakilla narrated how she had been sleeping with various Kenyan artists and celebrities. She mentioned the likes of Khaligraph Jones, Willy Paul, Ringtone, and footballer Victor Wanyama.

Wanyama took the issue seriously, distanced himself from the madness, and demanded an apology from Shakilla. See article.

Also, during the Live Shakilla revealed how she pleases herself using anything possible. And went ahead to demonstrate how she uses a remote. The story blew up and young Shakilla became the talk of the town.

The young woman has gotten herself in more than one situation where she made headlines. And these resulted in netizens seeking to know about her family background. Rumors were rife that her mother had disowned her.

The fall

Shakilla eventually got tired of all the clout she was chasing and how much of a bad name she had made for herself and withdrew from social media.

But you know what they say when a girl goes missing from social media? She’s pregnant. And it has been alleged that Shakilla is expectant. She however has not shared pictures of her bump but some of her Instagram stories may have confirmed the rumors.

In trying to make a comeback on Social media. The infamous girl revealed that she used to get so much pressure from social media. And she even battled depression. Because social media gets you thinking that you are stick in life. And watching people’s lives is very unhealthy.

I used to get depressed when I came to these apps. Had to take a break. Social media will really have you thinking you are stuck in life. This thing is not healthy for real. Watching people at various stages in life comparing it to ours. There is no way that is healthy.

She wrote

What are your thoughts on social media being bad for mental health?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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