Young Shakila against celebrities.

Some people are really doing the most out here in the name of clout-chasing.

If you’re not in the know, Shakila is one teenage girl who has a hunger and thirst for fame.

So thirsty you’d be surprised by the far she is willing to go. The young lass had previously accused Willy Paul of sliding in her DM and trying to get into her pants. But Willy Paul adamantly denied knowing her. See article.

In a video doing rounds on the social media streets, Shakila was hosted on a live chat by one Xtian Dela.

Xtian is one famous blogger, well known for particularly engaging in controversial topics.

In the so-weird to listen to video, Shakila boasts about her ability to sleep with all Kenyan celebrities at a fee.

The little known girl is proud enough to mention among others footballer Victor Wanyama, rapper Khaligraph Jones, singer Otile Brown, and Ringtone Apoko.

If you are naive and new to this you’d actually believe her. Given that her confidence as she fibbed the story is unmatched.


Khaligraph Jones is not the kind of artist you play around with. I bet they didn’t tell Shakila that. The mazishi hitmaker was the first one to call out Shakila for her actions demanding an apology.

I am giving you two hours to retract your statement and apologize because I have never met you and I don’t even know you.

Read his message sent to Shakilla

Expressing no remorse or regrets, Shakila took to make a public apology.

Ringtone to Xtian Dela

On the other hand, the once-famous gospel artist Ringtone was quick to warn Xtian. Ringtone claims that the blogger is coaching young girls on how to lie using celebs names.

The Pamela hitmaker gave Xtian Dela a last stern warning telling him that he would even pray that all gay men pursue him and gang-rape him.

In reiterating, Xtian posted on his Instagram stories that he will do an expose on Ringtone.

I hear there’s a broke, deadbeat, washed up gospel artist who wants me to make him famous. Bro, I have been preparing you for the last thirteen years.

Read his post in part

Victor Wanyama sues Shakila

Well, Wanyama has really gone hard on this one.

The renowned football player issued a strong serious warning to Shakila dismissing the video as salacious and an attempt to scandalize his good name and reputation.

Wanyama made it clear that he is willing to go any lengths to protect his good name and character.

The celebrated footballer also called out Xtian Dela for publishing fabricated stories in search of fame.

Through his lawyers, Wanyama requested an investigation into the matter.

In other news, Kenyans are signing a petition to deport Shakila seeing that she has consistently being clout chasing. And tarnishing the names and dignity of various artists.

What are your views on this drama?

By Wanjiru Mbaru.

Dm me to cover your story. Insta handle.

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