Disclaimer : This blog is my personal experience with a few people like Robert Riagah in Kenya. The people of Kenya are really warm and nice , so I don’t want to hurt their sentiments or promote racism of any sort. By writing this post, I only mean to save others who might be currently getting scammed by these people or can be future targets.

This Started in January 2022, when I got a call from one of my old business acquaintances that there is a classified tender for supplying election material to Ministry Of Defence in Kenya and I should apply for it and of course, I agreed.

The next day, I got a call from Mike (picture below) who claimed to be a KDF officer representing Ministry of Defence, Kenya. We agreed on the T&C and the specifications of the device. He sent me a visa and invited me over to Nairobi for a meeting.

On January 25th 2022, I landed in Nairobi and was picked up by so called KDF men in a Black Toyota Landcruiser KCV 955L and I was dropped at my hotel. They gave me time to get ready to meet the Brigadier General Daniel Otieno Odieki in his office. I was expecting to go to Ulinzi house but was taken to a private office on Kitisuru Road that was very similar to the image attached. . 

I met the Brigadier general and he agreed that we should go ahead, since it is a direct procurement and a classified Project, I should not talk about this outside the department and we signed a NDA that was on MOD Letterhead. The brigadier General and Mike also mentioned that in order to start the process, I needed to pay a fee of 50,000 USD for pre qualification and to show my financial capability to be able to carry out this project and we agreed for it and signed papers for pre-qualification. The agreement was to have 70% payment in advance so that we do not get into a loss considering past Scams in the country. 

I was provided an invoice ( Attached below), by a law firm that promised to keep my money in escrow until all paid and March 1st week, I paid them USD 50,000 . 

April 5th 2022, Mike called me and requested me to come down to Nairobi by 11th April 2022 in order to open a firm and a bank Account in Kenya. The reason was that the treasury doesn’t want the money to go out of their sight and would like to trace the expenses made and he arranged me a visa within 1 hour .

Upon my arrival, he connected me to a lawyer whose name is Nathaniel from Big 5 wealth Management Services and should help me with all the work. Nathaniel asks me to carry 3,000 USD with me to be able to open a company, KRA PIN for the company and for me as an individual. He took me to a small shop where he deposited money and then made me sit in java cafe in the city where he had multiple meetings simultaneously running and within 1 hour, we had our company registered. He asked me to give him 1% directorship since a local needs to be a partner to what I agreed and then we opened a bank account in the National Bank of Kenya Westlands branch.

Upon Receiving my Company documents, I saw Nathaniel’s real name is Robert Riagah. I started searching on him because I felt a little off about him in the day and found out that he belongs to a money laundering cartel. I called the facilitator Mike, and told him that I do not want to have a criminal as a partner of my organisation to what he said, he is the brigadier general Otieno’s illegitimate son and he cannot kick him out. Upon forcing, he agreed to bring his sister onboard named Joy kanini Kilonzi. 

The next day, I was taken to an office that belongs to Big 5 Wealth Management Services where Robert resigned and Joy was on board as a replacement. I Got back to my country and i get a call from steward L. Ataga who is assigned as my Private Banker by Mike and he tells that I will help you create your online banking etc and I will have my advance today itself.

Steward L Ataga called me on my phone and mentioned that I am a high valued customer and to protect account I have provided a secure channel and website. Out of excitement ( you may read greed) I was happy and was waiting for the website and he gave me and provided credentials to login. 

The deal with Mike was, that I need to pay USD 300,000 as Attorney General’s legal fee. I can see the money in my account but I cannot withdraw due to the caveat from Government, and they are paying me only so that I can trust them.

Luckily, My engineer brain works and I realise it is a fake website and is created very recently. I confronted Mike about this to what he mentioned that Brigadier General Otieno got greedy and wanted to steal the money. His Illegitimate son ( Robert Riagah) did this mess and let me please fix it. Now, the money will directly come to your country account.
Upon waiting for a A few days, I get a fake SWIFT copy on my WhatsApp and I know I have been deep into a big scam. Upon Confrontation again, Mike told me that Millitary police is arresting him. He will let me know as soon as he is out, so I believe he is cooking another scam while I write this. 😀

Have fun looking at my rich bank of kenya fake account, Also I did complaint to the bank and they told me that someone has been fired at the yaya centre branch who was working with this cartel meanwhile Steward Ataga is busy changing his profile pictures from national bank’s logo to KCB Logo and now Big 5 Wealth Management.



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Lord aizen
Lord aizen
3 months ago

Why no one arresting these motherfucker

3 months ago

It’s very impressive

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