This is a detailed first hand account of a woman who was being scammed by nefarious people, pretending to have authority to issue her company with a tender to supply election materials to the government of Kenya.

June 2021, we were approached by an old business connect stating that there is a classified tender to deliver election material in Kenya and if we’d like to bid. We discussed and agreed. After 1-2 weeks my colleague was issued a visa and he was called to Nairobi to meet the officials to initiate the process.

My colleague had met Abdullahi Abdi Mohammed and Michael Mulei  from KDF. They took him to Brigadier General Daniel Otieno Odieki  and held a meeting inside the hurlingham barracks. Where they discussed the technology, number of machines and the approximate cost. The General then  mentioned  a fee of USD 80,000 to be paid as a Prequalification Fee to show our financial capability and also they needed a European firm to take the tender . We had a european firm partner that facilitated us the tender. The invoices were raised by Ndeda and Company Associates. Alongwith that, they issued us a USD 300,000 invoice for attorney general’s fee as well.

We paid the amount to them, Abdullahi’s counterpart collected the cash in Dubai from our partner and we  were invited again to demonstrate the machines. 

Oct 4 2021, My colleagues were then taken to IEBC office by Abdullahi and Michael .  We were even awarded the contract the next day by the Brigadier general, worth 321 million USD. Before, we could formally enter the contract we received a meeting invite from Rogers Ombawe in RBB group Dubai to come and discuss about the contract. Upon reaching there, we were requested USD 65,000 to facilitate the company creation in dubai and issue a guarantee for tender . After the payment, we were facilitated a meeting with someone we had never met before named Martin Mwai  , he asked us to manipulate the machines in favour of a preferred candidate and requested us to bring our teams onboarded to calculate the percentage of win/loss for that candidate in each county and have an algorithm to make it all look genuine.

Ofcourse, we did not agree over it as it would impact our reputation and also will lead us into legal trouble .  To what , he said ok. Handover the machines to us, we will take care of it. We agreed that we will deliver the machines to only Ministry of Defence and requested Michael to fix a meeting for us with someone in KDF to inform them about this scam ; since it was a classified tender we couldn’t inform DCI as well about it as we were instructed . Michael arranged a meeting with a man impersonating Brigadier Jeff Nyga , we explained everything to him and he assured us that it will be taken care of. Later, Martin Mwai called us telling that we are now on a verge to lose the contract because we disclosed the details of a classified tender and now, we need to pay USD 200,000 more in order to get it back on track.  He kept insisting on taking Cash since it will be recorded and the secrecy of the project will go if someone sees these big transactions.

After all was set, he called my colleague and told him that he has paid 100,000 to Wafula Chebukati , 50,000 to Jeff Nyga and Chief Justice Martha to let things smooth and we do not need to rig machines but they will handle it and invited my colleague to Nairobi with the demo machine again to be able to demo it to Chebukati and his team this time . 

Dec 2, 2021 My colleague landed in Nairobi and was detained by DCI outside the airport for carrying an electronic machine that looked like a BOMB (remember that my colleague had taken flight and cleared X-RAY scans with that machine itself). Out of nowhere, they picked him up outside the airport and took him to DCI Office. (Nikolas Manene and Dr. Mugambe)

Surprisingly, they never made any arrest but asked him to stay in four points hotel at the airport. They took his tender original documents as well and never returned them back to him. Day 2 of detention, they recorded his statement and on day 3 , they asked him to record a statement that said that he doesn’t want to complain anything. He was forced to say so, if he wanted to go back home and they threatened that if enters the city he will be killed. 

My colleague returned and told us about it. I Spoke to Michael(Mike) and he explained that Martin Mwai wanted to take over the project to rig the machines , KDF and Martin Mwai didn’t go along well. Our money will be returned and if I want, I can open a new company and bid for it again.

January 24th I travelled to Kenya , was picked up by Mike’s Driver Alan in a Black Toyota landcruiser. Alan dropped me to the hotel and within an hour we left to meet the Brigadier General Daniel Otieno Odieki  in a private office in Kitisuru. In the office, Mike, Abdullahi, Alan, Jared and Gen Otieno was there.

We discussed what went wrong last time, and they said they ll keep it private this time so that we can speed up the process and we do not need to pay anything apart from 50,000 USD for prequalification and rest of it they ll adjust from our previous payments.  I was issued an invoice from Attorney Collins Osewe. 

The day I was transferring the money, I got a call from Attorney and Mike that I should transfer the money to attorney’s personal account to keep everything under the blanket and I did so.

April 5th 2022, Mike called me and requested me to come down to Nairobi by 11th April 2022 in order to open a firm and a bank Account in Kenya. The reason was that the treasury doesn’t want the money to go out of their sight and would like to trace the expenses made and he arranged me a visa within 1 hour .

Upon my arrival, he connected me to a lawyer whose name is Nathaniel from Big 5 wealth Management Services and should help me with all the work. Nathaniel asks me to carry 8,000 USD with me to be able to open a company, KRA PIN for the company and for me as an individual. He took me to a small shop where he deposited money and then made me sit in java cafe in the city where he had multiple meetings simultaneously running and within 1 hour , we had our company registered. He asked me to give him 1% directorship since a local needs to be a partner to what i agreed and then we opened a bank account in the National Bank of Kenya Westlands branch.

I checked Nathaniel’s history and found out that his real name is Robert Riagah and he has a criminal background. I requested Mike to change my partner in the company , after a lot of heated discussions he agreed to onboard his sister.

Next day , I was taken to Big 5 Wealth Management office in riverside drive where Mike’s sister  (Joy Kanini Kilonzi) was there to sign the document. I got a copy of contract that time and it had annexure A and B missing, that had the details of sub contractors and cost. I denied to sign the document and Mike’s sister took a gun out on the table and said if I want to move outside the building. I got scared and signed it and left the building in a jiffy. I asked Mike’s driver to drop me at the National bank ‘s branch so that I could feel safe in a public place. 

After they dropped me, I went back to my hotel on my own and rescheduled my ticket for the next morning. Before I could leave, I got a call from Mike apologizing for his sister’s behavior  and he wanted to meet me. We had a quick meeting in the car and he dropped me at the airport .

Mike called me the next day, and asked me if we can only deliver 50,000 machines than 1,500,000 and pay them for their share from rest 1,000,000 machines. The idea was to have1,000,000 empty boxes to come by cargo  and only 50,000 of them to have machines. I denied of any scams to be done under the name of my company. Then later, he called me that they might not even need a single machine and his boss wants to meet me and get a share in the whole amount. We didn’t agree to it and then he requested for a USD 300,000 for Attorney General’s fee. By then, I guessed where it might lead and asked questions in order to not lose anymore money. Last I spoke, Mike told me that his KDF bosses are greedy and he has been asked to leave the country and he might get killed like DP Ruto’s security guard because he knows too much about the scam and have been lost ever since then. Abdullahi blocked me on phone and so did Mike’s staff members.

I have sent several emails to DCI after returning to my country and even visited Kenyan Embassy in my country, but no help from anyone. DCi hasn’t even taken my complaint yet even after calling them so many times. I remember Mike telling me that DCI works with them and they will never be arrested, I believe he was correct.

election tender
Election Tender
prequalification certificate
Pre-Qualification certificate
equity cheque
Equity Cheque
robert riagah
Robert Riagah
Joy kilonzi
Joy Kilonzi
michael mulei
Michael Mulei  Alias Mike
Dr martin Mwai
Dr. Martin Mwai
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Nicky Ruthy
Nicky Ruthy
15 days ago

Indians are naturally scammers and the lady doesn’t want to say who her contact was who connect her to the deal. That alone should tell you she’s a conwoman and wants to sanitize her name.

Most of these operations are funded by government through NIS to weed off companies that might get the tenders through dubious means and end up Messing the election. She was used a spam trap.

15 days ago

This is just messed up!

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