Distinguished actor Charles Bukeko, popularly known as Papa Shirandula passed away on July 18th.

Papa Shirandula was laid to rest two days later in an early morning ceremony at his home in Busia County.

It has been a short period of mourning the loss of one of the best Kenyan entertainers.

Papa Shirandula deserved a state funeral

The brief send-off came after the Kenya Films and Classification Board CEO, Ezekiel Mutua cited that Papa deserves a state burial.

Ezekiel Mutua described Papa Shirandula as an effortlessly humorous man. As a result, he unraveled joy and laughter without being vulgar.

Papa Shirandula was buried on the morning of Monday 20th July at his Funyala home.

His body was transported to his home at 3 am and nobody was allowed to view it.

photo: Citizen tv

Among those present were security officers who had to ensure that COVID 19 safety measures are adhered to.

His casket was fumigated and lowered by the Ministry of Health officers present.

MoH officers lower his body. Photo citizen tv

Nyaminde, also known as Wilbroda on papa’s show also mourned and eulogized the actor.

“I blame Karen hospital”

Papa was announced to have succumbed to COVID 19. But his wife thought otherwise. The father of three had isolated himself at home a week before the condition worsened.

However, Papa Shirandula’s wife, Beatrice Bukeko condemned Karen hospital for carelessness. She said that Papa Shirandula died in the car as she scurried to get him admitted.

She also added that the hospital only performed a COVID 19 test. And ignored other possibilities such as pneumonia and malaria.

COVID-19 is manageable. Papa was supposed to undergo three tests: coronavirus, pneumonia, and malaria. When I asked the doctors whether they did all three, they said no. I asked them why they only focused on COVID-19 while he could also be suffering from something else.

Stated Beatrice Bukeko

Papa was survived by his wife and three children.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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