Lucy Wanjiru, mother of two of the four slain men in Kitengela is still going through a very hard time grieving the loss of her only children.

Her children Victor and Fred were brutally murdered three weeks ago in Kitengela after being thought to be cattle rustlers. See article.

Lucy who had traveled to the UK in 2018 came back to bury her children.

So The Star recently visited her and shared a report of her progress.

Lucy is still mourning her sons. And as a result, she burnt down all their belongings hoping that her anger and grief would subside.

But the bonfire did not help. She burnt down drawings by her son Fred who was an artist. As well as records and papers belonging to Victor who was a mechanic.

However, Lucy told the Star that only justice can ease her pain. Burning my Fred and Victor’s belongings didn’t kill the pain, only justice can do that.

You can not kill the memories of my sons even if you burn this entire house down. You can not stop my pain, the pain of a mother losing her only children in such a manner. She cried.

So when the Star visited her home in Syokimau, only her younger sister and brother were with her sympathizing with her.

Her brother Macharia told the Star that Lucy won’t stop crying. Whenever she sees anything that triggers their memories, she cries uncontrollably. He said.

Their pleas not to burn the drawings fell on deaf ears as Lucy protested and burnt them all. As she insisted that only justice will make her feel better.

The family is still demanding justice seeing that only one person has been arrested. But can one person kill four grown men, really?

So detectives are still investigating a report that five hundred men in Kitengela took an oath to keep the names of the lynch mob a secret.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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