Four men Fred Wanjiru, Victor Wanjiru, Mark George and Nicholas Musa were brutally murdered on Sunday evening.

So the four left their home in Syokimau on Saturday. And they were riding three sport bikes headed to Kisanju, an area between Kitengela and Isinya. They were going to celebrate Victor’s birthday.

As they left back home on Sunday evening, one of their bikes developed a mechanical issue. And as they were trying to fix it, they were attacked by herdsmen who accused them of plotting to steal their livestock. Why would anyone come to steal livestock on a bike?

Reports said that the four claimed to have come from Mlolongo. But could not explain what they were doing there at night.

Freddy and Victor, were the only sons of their mom who lives in London. Their mom since receiving the news went into shock and is now under watch at a hospital in London.

The two brothers were also building a storey building for their mom in Syokimau. And ran a graphics shop in Nairobi.

The Sub-county police commander Charles said that they were informed about the incident at around 1 am. And they went to the scene only to find that the four had already been killed.

They all had dreadlocks and had serious injuries on the head inflicted using blunt objects.

he said in part

Charles said that investigations into the incident had begun and detectives are pursuing those responsible. And added that the chief is working with the DCI.

The police said that the area has a history of livestock issues. But that did not warrant them being attacked and killed.

Kajiado county commander said that the bodies of the four were transfers to City Mortuary in Nairobi.

I’m writing this with a very heart, I can’t help it. Because part of me tells me that these four men were attacked simply because they had dreadlocks!

A country like ours in such an era as this where everyone has their hair in dreadlocks needs to do better.

Dreadlocks are in no way a sign of rebellion or a mark of violence. There is and never has there been anything dreadful about locs.

May justice prevail.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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