The court has issued a summon for Omar Lali who was the boyfriend of the late Tecra Muigai to give his evidence in the inquest into her death.

On Tuesday this week, Tabitha Karanja revealed to the court that her daughter had been sending money to Omar Lali.

Omar Lali and the late Tecrs

Tabitha told the court that she found out her daughter had been sending money to her boyfriend via M-PESA and through bank transactions. As a result Tabitha was a bit concerned because Tecra was considerably young to send an old man money.

Tecra’s assistant also testified that she would receive instructions to send money to Lali. But she was never told why.

Other witnesses also testified that Omar and Tecra’s relationship was strained. Because he had isolated her from her family. And her social life changed since they met.

The magistrate hearing the inquest noted that several people had mentioned Lali. So the lawyer representing the family said that Omar should appear in court because he is a person of interest in the ongoing inquest.And as a result, Lali and other witnesses are expected to appear in court.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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