By Baba Mboga

I know you all know about this story but I’ll just tell it my way. At least I’m sure you haven’t heard it from me.

So here we go,

Once upon a time, I remember auditioning for a local radio station on Instagram.

So how this worked is that you were supposed to upload a video using a certain hashtag and the most likes would win.

What would your 19 year old back then do with no significant clout whatsoever?

Mazee I had likea net worth of 1K, 100 MBs and 64 free text messages (due for expiry in 5 hours or less) to my name.

So guess what I did?

I made a “smart decision” and spent 800 to buy likes and 100 for data for looking at my imminent win because well… I’m a cocky human being sometimes, ok?

I think we all know the ending to that story ???

Well, mine was kinda less embarrassing because only me and HBR knew at the time.

For Octombitho and management however… I really wanna say the same but hey,

He’s literally on every blog out there right now.

For the confused Netizen still wondering… why?

I literally have a job because of you.

Now grab your limited popcorn, relax for the next 2-3 minutes.

“This is going to be a short one.”

I could guess a couple of other places I could use this statement lmao.

But first…the story

Octopizzo buying YouTube views?

So for those in the Kenyan music scene you might’ve realized that Octopizzo dropped a new track called “Nikupate”.

It’s a really solid music video that garnered around 925k views at one time.

It’s currently at 463k views.

I might not know alot of stuff about YouTube but I’m pretty sure that the number of views never goes down.

Unless Betty Botter bought some bots ?

A few people actually called him out on the whole incident.

Including your pompous narrator over here

But hey,

I’ll stick to my lanes and call out the bigboys

Here’s a verse from Khaligraph Jones’ Lwanda Magere Leegacy.

“Rap now is a circus of clowns,
Mumble rapping, lean suckin’ suckers looking way worse than they sound.
Rap niggas carrying purses around.
Ain’t nobody care for skill anymore cause you can purchase a crown.

Called out, embarrassed, brother had only one option… and even that didn’t work out.

Check out this comment from Khali.

So because all good things come in twos.. *wink*

Another Natalie (not the one we don’t like) came up swinging at the brother.

Heck, she wanted to pay Octo for a collab but after this..

Idk man.

Octopizzo history with lying.

Octopizzo isn’t new to the whole music controversy by the way.

In 2015 he got a bit ballsy and dropped a collab with “August Alsina.”

A move I highly doubt went well for our king of manifestation over here…

But for real though,

I admit that Nikupate has a good music video…

But who still listens to Octopizzo?


Lemme drop this and GO

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Here are some of my other stories.


Si Wakenya tujiheshimu?

Mi nimeenda.

Lakini si mwache nimention Chimano hapa juu najua hataona.

I really fuck with this nigga’s energy.

From one awkward soul to another.

Check out his video on engage.

My relatability to him is just 100%

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1 year ago

Interestingly I dint kno most of this about Octo ?? tho I read that buying views thing in the comments. Pheew it’s tough out here
As for chimamo I was more than impressed

1 year ago

Amazing word chimano? Yes there is a space for change in some cultural perceptions.

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