By Teabag… obviously.

“If you let anyone or anything from your past take away or in any way reduce the quality of your future joy in anything… Then aren’t you just letting them win?”



Maybe I might have stolen that quote.

From where… I still don’t remeber.

Remind me if you get to figure that out. Here’s my Instagram.

I’m too lazy to Google

Back to where we were…

…Or I was… I don’t care man.

You are reading this… aren’t you?

(Make sure to tell me whose voice that was by the way)

The shallow ones walked off?



Let’s start again.


By Teabag (shhhh…. I had to look arrogant in the beginning)

Gotta give someone a free accusation once in a while.

Forgive me Senpai.

You see when I’m in the writing zone and feel I’m about to do a good piece I usually put up a mood song and write to the rhythm.

And I feel this might just be one of those.

Meh… sure it might flop,

And there’s always going to be that person in the corner with the obvious “fuck you” I’ve grown accustomed to.


At the end of the day…

I do what I have to do…

I lay my keystrokes…

I live in the moment…

…Well at least in writing.

In writing there’s freedom.

If you let the flow take you along (and not hesitate)

You’ll quickly realize that just beyond your doubts and fears lies power.

To be pretty much what you want to be in the 29,200 days we call this journey called life.

In my life I have been a wannabe influenza, a car washer, a carpenter, a trader just to mention a few

(yeeesh sapiens,

Quit it with the bragging buana…. punguza kasheshe).



Just hear me out here,


Through all this, I realized that to let yourself learn, you just have to let go.

Don’t be aftraid of your past experiences.

“A man haunted by his past has already lost the battle against the future.”

-Gingy, 2021.

I mean sure… cigarettes will kill you… don’t do those

Trust I ….have a f..r…i.e..n.d



Anyways..My point here is don’t fear what life is about to bring your way.

Just fight through.

Ever wondered why guitarists can play for so long?

Or why that farmhand from the village can hold a jembe for hours on end?

It’s not because they wore gloves for that extra layer of false comfort (Those things can get sweaty… just… don’t)

They put their all into it.

And their hands calloused.

Yeah sure… they might have been forced into it.

Maybe life dealt them the bad deck of cards and circumstances forced them to that situation

But sure.

That’s why circumstances exist.

To test you.

Will you rise above or let the actions of your past forever haunt you?

Avoiding life threatening scenarios is justifiable.

But running away from opportunity?

I mean come on…

Think about pencils, for example..

We all like them sharp.

“Sorry Mr. Pencil, but I think I’m gonna have to do da ting… you know?



I’ll do it anyways because why not.

You might not get it now but you’ll catch on…

Trust me.

“That’s enough sinning for one video,”

Said Johnny.


Moving on…

If the universe or the good guy upstairs is really as good as (s)he is believed to be,

Then they’d want us to achieve our potential.

I mean… sure, they’d probably give us that if they could and we’d all be in some utopian Shangri la or whatever.

But think about it.

Is that all you want or is this just another King Midas story?

Think of this in the same way…

A life that’s all good with no sadness.

No tears,

Just good.

Would happiness really make sense?

I mean we only know good because bad exists.

We only know the value of kindness because we’ve seen what harm unkindness brings.

The joy in riding a see saw is through the ups and downs.

Old people are wise because more years taught more lessons.

And circumstances happened,

Because let’s face it, they’re inevitable.

But they didn’t collapse,

Or give in.

They had to keep on living,



“You would really learn from you mistakes if you weren’t so busy denying them.”

-Fafa wa Fafa.



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This is sooo amazzziing 😎❤️


Gingy made it. Yaaaay!


I’m the first to comment. 😊Your articles are inspiring and nothing feels better than reading articles from an anonymous person no gender specificity.
I can’t wait for more of this🤗❤

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