Former comedian Eric Omondi is currently making headlines after buying his recent girlfriend, Lynne, a car for her birthday.

Celebrities are always buying their significant others cars as gifts on their special occasions. We recently witnessed retired rapper Notiflow gifting her girlfriend a brand new Volkswagen on her birthday.

The Wajesus and Bahati’s must have bought each other at least ten cars by now. So Eric buying his girlfriend a car is nothing new.

Taking to his Instagram page, Eric shared a video of him surprising Lynne as she acted very surprised.

He claimed that they as Big Time Entertainment saw it got to get the twenty-year-old something for her birthday.

“We got @l.y.nn.e something small for her birthday. Your Resilience, Patience and Work Ethic is Unmatched. You have made me and Big Tyme Entertainment soo Proud!!! We hope this little gift expresses our Gratitude. The Sky cannot be your limit, Shoot for the Stars because you are a STAR. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”

The video evoked mixed reactions among netizens.

Some took to the comments section to claim that the video was scripted. Others laughed at the fact that Eric got her an old model of a Vitz while he bought his ex-lover a range rover and put up billboards for her.

Others commented that Eric is such a joker
Lazma ingekua ka vits 😂😂…kila kitu yako inakuanga joke’s

Here are some of the reactions

Eric has however never claimed Lynne as his girlfriend. Speaking to Mungai Eve, he insisted that they are workmates despite Lynne constantly showing that the two are roommates.

What is the most expensive gift anyone got you for your birthday?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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