King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti says that she feared King Kaka had a tumor.

Early last month the singer revealed that he had been ailing for three months. And had been in and out of hospital throughout. See article.

King Kaka shared his struggles adding that he was misdiagnosed and how he lost 33kgs during the season.

The singer has not yet shared with his fans what he was ailing from. But he is currently recuperating from home.

Taking to Instagram, his lovely wife, and Tv presenter Nana had jotted down a heartfelt message to him.

So Nana says that they feared that her husband was having a tumor. Since he had displayed all the signs of having one. As a result, the doctors suggested that they run tested to confirm if King Kaka had a tumor. So the day before the tests were done, Nana says she could hardly sleep. And she woke her husband up to pray.

I remember when the doc suggested we do the tumor markers test. He definitely had his reasons I mean you exhibited all the signs and that opened a whole Pandora’s box in my head. The tests were to be done the next morning.she wrote in part.

Nana says that she could hardly sleep because she was just overthinking. However, to her shock, King Kaka slept soundly throughout the night!

That night I could barely sleep..I lay in bed worried and doing one thing I’m always perfect at,overthinking

 I don’t know how you slept so soundly to this day. Yaani we are testing for cancer in your body in the morning and you sleep throughout the entire night???!! I want Notes

Nana has asked her husband to share notes on how he managed to sleep so well in th face of a cancer scare.

Wishing a quick recovery to King Kaka.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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