Former Machakos First Lady Lilian Ng’ang’a has disclosed that her life is in danger. Since walking out of her relationship with Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua.

A few weeks ago when activist Boniface Mwangi accused the Governor of blowing up his house, he mentioned that the guy is dangerous. Mwangi said that he’s not afraid of the governor like Lilian or Juliani. And that statement raised eyebrows. See article.

On Thursday, 4th November, in a press conference, Lilian disclosed the kind of harassment she has been going through.

He’s overreacting- Lilian

Lilian has started that since breaking up with the arrogant governor he has done nothing but overreact to the separation.

Because he illegally took away her car and sold it to a third party. She started that Mutua accessed her house using a spare key which he illegally acquired.

The car has been fully registered under my name since 2014. She said adding that she already filed a case in court on the same and wished not to comment further. But inform the third party that she maintains ownership of the car.

Lilian and Mutua in their happier days

Juliani’s girlfriend has gone ahead to add that Alfred transferred her shares in the Ndash Enterprise Ltd to his sister Ann Mbandi.

She has clearly stated that she did not execute a transfer of her shares or otherwise transfer her shares 1800 (45%) shareholding in the company to him or his sister.

Lilian has revealed that her advocates have managed to trace the transaction documents from the company registry. And both documents of the company which she named Ndash after her high school nickname bore stamps of 12th and 13th August. And had what resembled her signature but not in its original form. Because the signatures have been electronically superimposed to provide a genuine impression.

She goes ahead to state that she reported the serious crime to Kilimani police station.

We were not married

Lilian has disclosed that she had a meeting with Alfred at the Windsor Golf and Country Club on 22nd September in the company of two mutual friends after the two criminal incidents. So during the meeting she requested for a mature and amicable separation reminding Mutua that ‘after all we were not married.’

That statement did not sit well with Mutua who was breathing fire and termed Lilian as his enemy number one. And threatened to crash her to ash! As well as take everything that she has.

He has already begun demanding that she refunds him any money he has ever given to her or made available for her use. Also, the governor has threatened to harm persons close to her. And also demanded that she apologize and retract the statement she made on social media regarding their breakup.

Lilian has gone ahead to claim that Mutua states that he had offers from people to kill persons close to her. And he threatened that he will take up the offers.

Mutua, according to Lilian, arrogantly stated that he was a very important and powerful person in this country. As a result, he can easily get away with anything and everything he has planned to do to her.

Just to wind up all these, Lilian has publicly requested Mutua to immediately return her property, cease threatening her life and those around her. And to stop his arrogance, wanton abuse of power, manipulation, and bullying. He needs to get a life and move on!

What are your thoughts on this drama? See Lilian’s complete statement.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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