Activist Boniface Mwangi is counting losses after his family home which was under construction in Lukenya, Machakos County, was blown up.

Announcing the saddening news on his social media platforms, an agitated Mwangi has disclosed that Governor Alfred Mutua is the culprit.

Well, Boniface did not explain how he came up to his conclusion. But looks like he is very sure and certain of what he is saying.

In a video doing rounds on social media, Mwangi’s constructors are seeing walking around the scene noting the damage.

One of them is heard giving a report of the situation. Nikama walikua na kitu ya kulipua, hii ni risasi ba kuna harufu ya moto...

So from the video, you can easily tell that the damage was really bad. Since the foundation of the house was also sank.

Boni says his workers were also robbed but there are no casualties.

The activist has expressed his anger while addressing Mutua. Alfred Mutua you are an abusive man, you are a molester. You physically abuse women and rape women. You are a bad person! He said in part.

Mwangi went ahead to say that him (Mutua) blowing up his house doesn’t make him afraid. I’m not afraid of you! You blowing up my house is just a physical thing. You can blow it up. And even kill me. But I will expose you as long as I live.

Mwangi is so devastated seeing that his family has worked so hard to build the house. As a result, he has promised Mutua that he shall go after him. And the truth shall go after him. Because I’m not one of your women that you can arrest. I won’t go down easily. I’m not Juliani and I’m not Lilian.

Looks like Mwangi is aware or could be having information that the governor is threatening to harm Lilian and kill Juliani. You want to kill my friend Juliani and you want to harm Lilian. But she can’t share because she’s scared of you. You want to harm everyone coz you think this world belongs to you.

Mwangi concluded by saying that God will avenge him and all the women he (Mutua) has collected and all the money he has stolen from the county. You are a thief, a murders and a rapist. May you rot in hell.

See video below

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you really think Mutua is to blame?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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