Churchill has always been best known for his ability to make you laugh till your ribs crack.

Mwalimu Churchill has in the past been called out for allegedly paying his comedians peanuts. Something that leads the comedians to struggle and eventually suffer from depression.

A fan who felt the need to know how much it is that Churchill pays his comedians aired his concerns in a tweet. And the response he got wasn’t what he expected.

Kulipa comedians wako ni how much janjez? Asked the curious fan.

Churchill, presumably taken aback by the inquiry, fired back asking the guy whether he would like to pay the comedians. Unataka kuwalipa ama? Retorted the radio host.

So the guy @5_people on Twitter, went ahead to further ask how many months have passed without Churchill paying his comedians.

Hujawalipa miezi ngapi niwalipe? (How many months have you not paid them so that I can pay them?) The dubious fan seemed to enjoy pushing Churchill’s buttons.

Seemingly having fun, the fan joked about Churchill’s color by asking him to use the money he has coned comedians to bleach. …na wewe utumie pesa umewacon kutoa tint.

Mwalimu was however in for the exchange despite a few tweets asking him to refrain from engaging with the guy. Mwalimu achana na huyo, ni meno imeteleza.. Read a tweet from Jamin Kairu.

Heeding the advice, Churchill silenced the young man by asking him to concentrate on more important things in life. Son, concentrate on the most important things in life…Family, health and have some investments or some savings.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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