By Baba Mboga

Damn Maraga…. You can CJ goood


Lemme shut up before I get my dumbass shot.

But who knows if I’ll get justice.

Politicians can do it and walk away scot free…

Like we live in a twisted verion of The Purge. (Check it out by the way, it’s a really good movie.)

Stay safe guys and do not be bloggers…

or DJs…

These fuckers will shoot you in plain view of witnesses and a camera to back evidence up… Only for them to pay half a hospital bill, go on a number of interviews on a cleanse tour and leave you fighting for you life and….


Back to what I was talking about…

So you’ve heard abourret,

I’ve heard abourret,

We’ve heard abourret,

And we’ve established that

You can,

I can,

CJ Maraga’s clande can too.

Maraga? Who saw that coming?…

But seriously

Here’s the scoop,

“Wacha kelele… shida yako ni nini?”

A woman off camera asks Mary Kwamboka

Girl said shidas

And shidas came out tumbling real quick.

So, according to Mary Kwamboka, CJ David Maraga met her in 2013 and they did a little fiddling in them sheets and as expected (when you forget that legal protection is not the only form protection there is).

and from the escapades in Naivasha,

A child was sired.

With a six year old daughter and no way forward she was running out of options.

And she did what any normal Kenyan would do,

Alikimbilia serikali.

Clad in spectacles, a blue polka dot dress and a red coat,

She proceeded to Kilimani law courts where she made a scene earlier today saying:

“Maraga amekataa kugaramia mtoto wake… anataka mimi nimgaramie mimi mwenyewe.”

Which basically means that CJ Maraga is allegedly a deadbeat dad.

On being asked if she had documentation she provided them with everything

Ain’t no ____ like a woman scorned?

I wanna explain every bit of the video but it’s too much work.

Here’s the video.

Lakini Davie,

Hata wa kanisa unachafua?

Ebu niwache kuchokoza serikali.

Guess a long arm isn’t the only long thing that it has…

Na nimeenda.

Here’s my Instagram by the way…

And here’s another one of my stories.

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2 years ago

>Kenya needs deliverance

Susan ihuthia
Susan ihuthia
2 years ago

Firstly, whatever happened to using protection Condoms are available everywhere. Secondly, their are three sides to a story, her side, his side and the truth.
I keep wondering why people don’t take responsibility. Well forgive me but when two people decide to canoodle they should be prepared of the aftermath and have a plan lol

2 years ago

But weee Hao watu wa prezzo wenu ndo wanadai kuchafulia maraga jina imagn maraga amekuwa akicomplain anatafuta prezzo na hampati itakuwa possible walimtafutia hii scandal ndio anyamaze uhunye sisi sio ngombe

2 years ago

Eish ????????????????????

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