Popular flamboyant businessman KRG the Don is seemingly not tired of making headlines. Since last year the upcoming artist has been making headlines for his separation from his wife and other scripted publicity stunts he engages in.

The singer publicly announced his divorce from his wife Linah Kiruthi. See article.

Since then been posting ludicrous messages to her and about her in his Instagram stories. He for instance claimed that the wife was struggling both financially and mentally. See article. The artist on various occasions have referred to his wife as a woman who sleeps with chokora or street kids.

Anyway, in his attempt to remain relevant, the little-known artist has now attacked his former sister-in-law.

Taking to his Instagram page, KRG has ranted about the lady identified as Rachel Kiruthi. So he has addressed her asking her to stay far away from his children.

Be warned!

Anyone Who Tries To confuse Any of my Kids becomes My ENEMY No.1 !!!!!! Racheal Kiruthi !!!!!! Better Be Warned. Racheal Kiruthi let me just warn you!! Next time when you go to visit your daughter (Riyah) at school never ever go near my kids (Naville n Naem) ever again!! Concentrate on your family and let my family be at peace that we enjoy after dealing with all the nonsense you and your family made us go through.

The Don went ahead to narrate how the Rachel in question mistreated his kids by beating them like dogs. And feeding them noodles and ugali and fermented milk (mala). When you were mistreating my kids by beating them like dogs and feeding them noodles and mala na Ugali for 1 month straight you never knew they were your sister’s kids? Ama coz when your sister was busy with her boyfriends and she left my kids at your mercy for a couple of days you thought I would never save my kids? He went on.

KRG advised the lady to concentrate on misleading Linah or she would eat some slaps. Let me just remind you for my kids I can be very very cruel zile slaps ulikula 12th April 2021 ni kidogo. Next time we meet utajua haujui don’t joke with Bughaaa. I advise you to concentrate on misleading your sister Ndio asiwahijua ukweli of how you talk about her behind her back and what you were doing to my kids at Nys ( I will one day leak the voice notes)

The singer said that he won’t be quiet and see his kids go through trauma again.

I won’t be quiet and see my kids go through trauma again coz of you…. Cheza mbali sana na family yangu!!!

he concluded

However, I think he would have directly contacted her and passed the mesage instead of airing it online. But what do i know?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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Please advise the Don to install grammarly across his devices. Some of us went to group of schools and can’t comprehend his English.


I’m glad you opened this site. All the best!

Baby ras

The site is almost two years old☺️