Little-known artist KRG the Don has decided he would rather trend for his pettiness than his struggling songs.

The father of four broke up with his long-time wife over infidelity issues on her part- according to her. See article.

Since the divorce, the young man has done nothing but talk about his ex-wife every chance he is online.

In his recent antics, KRG alleged that his ex is growing thinner by day. The singer expressed his shock at the way his ex is getting thinner. And it’s not even a month since they broke up.

Kwa nini watu wanakonda hivi? Na mwezi haijaisha?

KRG who is relentless in airing their dirty linen went on to wonder if the wife will still be alive in a year or she will have committed suicide. I find this very absurd and insane. Je, baada ya meals tutakua bado tupo ama watu watajitia vitanzi?

The flamboyant young man went on to share screenshots of messages from his fans. Some confirmed that indeed his ex-wife Linah is growing thin. And others were bewildered by the fact that she would walk out on such a rich guy to be a model.

In his responses, KRG portrayed a don’t-care attitude as he also disclosed that he had been through therapy to heal from all that Linah put him through.

See responses:

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By Wanjiru Mbaru

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