The Kenya Films and Classifications Board (KFCB) has banned a film titled ‘I am Samuel ‘ saying it does not seek to solve any problem existing in the society but seeks to tear apart the value system and tarnish the beauty that goes with it.

The Kenyan documentary was directed by Peter Murimi who intended to convey a poignant resilience of a brave gay couple.

In a press statement by KFCB, they explain that the film showcases scenes of a gay couple making it appear as a normal way of life.

In the course of examining a film entitled; I am Samuel, which was submitted to the Board for classification, the board noted a clear and deliberate attempt by the producer, to promote same-sex marriage as an accountable way of life.

This attempt is evident through the repeated confessions by the gay couple that what they feel for each other is normal and should be embraced, as well as the characters’ body language, including scenes of kissing of two male lovers. The documentary ultimately features the marriage of two men and concludes with the dedication of the film to the gay community.

KFCB also accuses the film of trying to influence the viewer into believing that the older generations that were once against LGBTQ+ are slowly buying into the practice and accepting same-sex marriage as normal.

The board says that the movie fails to recognize the marriage of two people of the opposite gender as the basic unit of society.


KFCB goes ahead to state that the film is unacceptable and an affront to our culture and identity. And worse still, the production is demeaning Christianity. Because the guy men in the film support conducting a religious marriage incoming the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As a result, the Board finds the film blasphemous.

Also from the analysis of the board, the film propagates values that are not by our Constitution, culture, values, and norms. And could therefore easily expose vulnerable groups including children to unsuitable content and other groups that are at risk of being corrupted by such inappropriate content.

The statement winded up by stating that: on this 23rd day September 2021, the Board hereby pronounces the 52-minute gay-themed film titled: I AM SAMUEL, as restricted. For the avoidance of doubt, RESTRICTED, in this case, means that it is prohibited from exhibition, possession, distribution, or broadcasting within the Republic of Kenya

What are your thoughts on this? See the full statement below.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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