Over the weekend, Kenyans woke up to the news of popular drama queen GK Nyambura trending again.

Nyambura first made headlines a few months ago when she took to Instagram to expose her ex-boyfriend music producer Omoke.

The young lass had accused Omoke of constantly cheating on her with different girls. And not only cheating but also not using protection and even denying that he had cheated.

Nyambura rose to her fame since then and has continuously updated her fans on her progress. She at one point accused Omoke of breaking her iPhone 12.

Season two

Recently, Omoke in long videos seen on his Instagram stories accused Nyambura and her friends of invading his house in Ruaka at 4 am.

In the first video that left netizens in stitches, Nyambura was seen standing outside Omoke’s house screaming her lungs out at the top of her voice.

Fam, can someone tell me why the home girl is outside my house at 4 am? Wrote Omoke. Adding “Shows up to my door. Asking to reconcile. When I don’t let her and two friends in, she breaks my flower pots then this follows”.

Nyambura in her response claimed that she had gone to pick her clothes from Omoke’s house. But then the watchman assaulted her. She also cl;aimed that Omoke had extorted her friends money. “Extorting my friends $2000 (Sh200,000) is not legal. And you and your watchman can’t physically assault me and you start to gaslight me,” she wrote.

Omoke also claimed that Nyambura had gone over to reconcile. But she rubbished the claims, “Why would I go with my friends if I’m trynna reconcile?” she asked.

The young woman went on to insist that Omoke had invited her and the girls over: “Plot twist, he invited us. The problem is that his watchman wouldn’t let us leave and he wouldn’t give us my clothes He invited us and he is just acting like a fool. We were his guests but could not let us leave. That’s the story,” Nyambura said in a video.


Since the event Nyambura has resulted to constantly throwing shade at her narcissistic ex-lover as she refers to him. She accused him of hitting her and blaming a mosquitoes bite.

Nyambura in an attempt to turn her lemons into lemonade began advertising small businesses on her Instagram stories,. She claimed that she needed the money to compensate for abortion money. She was throwing subtle hints that her periods were missing.

On the other hand, Omoke began posting posters for charity events for free. A move which Nyambura as regarded as narcissism. “he has suddenly decided to post charity events because he is deputy Jesus!

What are your honest thoughts on this entire drama?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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