YouTuber Kabi wa Jesus is once again trending on the social media streets.

This was after he made statements in an interview with Mungai Eve that have raised eyebrows.

So early this year, Kabi was trending because news arose that he had another child whom he had sired with his cousin. And Kabi’s instant reaction was to make a Youtube video denying and publishing the claims.

He later demanded for a DNA test which came out as positive. Since then he and his cousin have been in a continuous back and forth.


The mother has more than once accused Kabi of neglecting his duties such as paying school fees and hospital bills for the child. While he goes over and beyond for his other child.

So in a recent interview with YouTube sensation Mungai Eve, Kabi tried the best to sanitize himself. And make Mama Abby look like a crazy, dramatic baby mama.

In real sense, he only paid a total of 40k while the balance amounted to over 200k.


Speaking to Mungai Eve who also portrayed bias and malice in her interview, Kabi lied that he was not sure that the child was his. And it’s for that reason he was absent from her life for seven years.

He also went ahead to say that since May he has been playing an active role in his kid’s life by paying for school fees. And he’s even happier to introduce her to his online family. Despite the mother’s pleas not to have the baby on the social media streets yet.

Kabi’s declarations have left fans stunned and raised intensive mixed reactions. See a few:

Mama Abby’s response

In response, Ciku, Mama Abby has shared images of court documents and it’s clear that Kabi was lying. Maybe to clear his already damaged reputation and to make his fans turn against Mama Abby. See her statement:

What are your thoughts on this?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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