Kabi wa Jesus has astonished fans as he has finally introduced his daughter Abby to social media streets.

Early this year news making headlines nationwide were that Kabi had a daughter with his cousin whom he had hidden from the face of social media.

However, Kabi and his wife publicly denied and dismissed the news saying that the news were phony. His wife Milly even went ahead and cried crocodile tears on camera. But the video has since been pulled down from their social media platforms.


Kabi later demanded a DNA test to prove his paternity. And lo and behold the results came out 99.9% positive meaning that Kabi was the biological father of Abby.

Some netizens were left confused on whether to refer to him as the father or uncle of Abby. And resulted to call him Danko(Dad and Uncle).

So after the results proved that he was indeed the father, Kabi made a public statement saying that he would take full responsibility for his daughter.

He also made it clear that the baby was sired in 2013 when he was not born again and unmarried. See article.

After several months and a back and forth between the Wajesus and Abby’s mother, it appears as if Kabi is finally willing to take responsibility.

Because more times than I can recall, Abby’s mother has reached out to BNN to issue complaints in regards to Kabi. She has accused him of resulting to take responsibility, paying the child’s school fees and even health insurance.


However, on Tuesday, 23rd Nov Kabi revealed that he and his daughter were having a good time bonding.

In a video seen on his YouTube channel, Kabi has finally introduced the beautiful girl to his fans.

And their resemblance is striking! See video

Their fans have had various reactions to this because the mother is always seemingly against it. And some argue that Kabi just wants to make money out of this.

Kabi has also created an Instagram account for his daughter which is currently at almost 4k followers.

What are your thoughts on this?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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