Keeping up with JL is only beginning and we are not ready.

Juliani and Lilian’s relationship is probably the only thing netizens are talking about. Because it was completely unexpected and unforeseen.

In an interview with KTN, the singer is seen praising his new lover with a glow in his eyes. Well, the interview is yet to be aired but a short clip from the video is currently doing rounds on social media.

Juliani reveals that he met Lilian in June this year.
And if you remember very well, in mid August when both Lilian and Governor Mutua announced their breakup, they said that they separated two months ago- in June. See article.
So could be possible that Juliani is the reason Lilian left the governor?

Anyway, the singer goes ahead to praise Lilian as a very unique woman saying that what attracted him to her is the fact that she has clarity of mind and purpose. And he apparently have not other women of her caliber.

“I haven’t seen many women like that. She has clarity of mind, clarity of purpose.. the kind of things she values. She respects herself,” 

He goes on to explain that she has a value system and she respects herself. I think this relationship sums up the famous quote people use when they move swiftly from one relationship to the other ‘a person you met two days ago could have better intentions than someone you have been the n with for then years’ well those are not the exact words but you dig?

The niko njaa hitmaker also asked fans wajipange na wawache zao in regards to speculating his relationship.

Juliani was recently captured by Boniface as he was in the supermarket getting chocolate for his boo. And was also recently captured having a morning run together.

So far so good for JL. See video.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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