Wakimani is an ex-comedian at Churchill show.

He came out recently and admitted that he has been battling alcoholism and depression. Because he was accused and sued of killing fellow comedian Ayeiya, who died in a car accident. And Wakimani was the driver then.

Wakimani- I want to go back to school

When he appeared on Jalang’o TV, Wakimani said that he wanted to go back to school to study journalism.

He, however, admitted that he had no money to pay for school fees. But if there was anyone generous enough to help him go back to school, he wouldn’t mind paying back the money once he gets well financially.

Right now I would really like to go back to school, ndio tumecheka about it but venye nimeamua nataka kurudi chuo nikisharudi poa cha ukweli sina fee yenye sahizi kama kunaeza kuwa na msee anataka kunipeleka chuo niende tu nisome hata kama ni loan ntarudisha. I was a very bright student.

said Wakimani

Jalangoo- I will pay for Wakimani’s first year

Jalangoo has offered to pay Wakimani’s school fees for his entire first year. And he (Wakimani) can work and pay his school fees as from the second year.

In the next intake, I’ll register you and pay for your first year. Once I’ve paid for your first year, hio engine unahustle ukijilipia. So you hustle during the day usiku unaenda class… I can only start..

Jalangoo has called out to other well wishes and willing sponsors to come through and help Wakimani. He also advised him that school is not easy. Because he needs to make a lot of sacrifices. He insisted that Ogutu gets himself a daytime job so that he can manage to pay fees.

Jalangoo also offered to help him have his teeth repaired.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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