Media personality Jalang’o has refuted claims that he is part of the wash wash business.

For the last few days, the topic wash wash has been trending. Since Edgar Obare did a very daring exposè on it.

So it turns out certain people are living on money laundering. And Jalang’o ‘s name popped severally.

He was accused of been seen hanging out with most of the crooks and even invited a few to his Bonga na Jalas show.

Speaking on Kiss FM today morning, an emotional Jalas explained that he is in no way involved in the wash wash business.

Jalang’o said that he is surprised anyone would even question his source of wealth. Seeing that all he does is work hard for everything he has.

I never thought that one day someone would question my integrity. And how I make my money. And even accuse me of being a fraud.

The super Mcee went ahead to declare that he has never stolen from anyone. I have never stolen from anyone. And neither have I have ever been involved in any fraudulent deals. For me, it has always been hustle.

He went ahead to outline all his hustles and how much he makes money from each of them. The morning show at kiss which pays him very well to being a brand ambassador of top brands, an influencer et al

Jalas added that if making money was that easy as in wash wash he would not even bother working, MCeeing or even run his agency.

Jalango claimed that even whoever is including him in those shenanigans knows that he/she is lying.

He went ahead to dare any one person to come out and claim that he- Jalas has taken their money or being involved in any dubious deals.

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By Wanjiru Mbaru

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