Upcoming celebrity Jacky Matubia popularly known for her acting roles in local TV shows, is currently the talk of the town. This was after she worked with a small business, failed to deliver her part, and went ahead to threaten and insult the business owner.

Speaking exclusively to blogger Edgar Obare, a close associate of the small business owner revealed how the business got into a contract with Jackie. My friend does art and decor. So recently she did a makeover for Jackie, with grass carpet, floating shelves, artificial wall plants, and mirrors. Said the friend sending pictures of the same.

The agreement

The friend added that the total cost for the services was 102k. But the agreement was that Jackie pays 50% and mentions the page on Instagram.

But you know what Jackie did? The heavily pregnant woman went ahead and shared pictures of the end product and shamelessly credited a different page! How malicious is that.

After that, she refused to pick up calls or respond to any messages from the business owner that did the work.

The Sky Art Decor business owner also reached out to Edgar Obare to confirm that it was true Jacky did not tag her page as was expected. She revealed that her followers were concerned as to why Jacky did not credit her page. So she had to address the issue.

The lady says that it was a lot of work that cost her and her effort and the little Matubia would have done was tag the small business. When her followers flocked Jackie’s page to call her out, she deleted their messages and blocked them.

All I’m asking for is justice. Why was our work credited to another company? Cried the lady as she shared pictures of her team doing all the donkey work.


After constantly texting and calling Matubia with no response, she went to Facebook to share her plight. Jackie quickly rushed to her WhatsApp to send lame threats.

You are trying to spoil my name for what trying to be relevant? Yelled Jacky at the lady. You have not been responding to my messages? Responded the lady courteously.

In response, the rude and mean woman demanded that the lady pulls down the post if she did not want legal action against her. Jackie went on to ask the business owner to tread carefully. Be very careful young girl. She warned.

their chat

Do you think what Jackie did was right?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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1 year ago

This is sooo unfair …being a small online business owner most of the time we are just building a brand for ourselves and when one give you that 50% off for you to market she/he has trusted you with his/her future progress …when I saw this in the morning I thought it’s just pple trying to bad mouth Jackie ….😞😞😞😭😭

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