Police Inspector General Hilary Mutyambai has announced that investigations into the murder of two Kianjakoma brothers have been concluded.

The Kianjakoma brothers were brutally murdered by police about two weeks ago when they were found outside past curfew hours.

The gruesome murder of the brothers led to a social media uproar with everyone demanding quick action and justice to be served.

Also, agitated residents of Kianjakoma protested and even burned down a police car.

The boys, Benson and Emmanuel, were laid to rest on Friday 13th. See article.

Investigations concluded

Taking to Twitter, the IG Hilary Mutyambai, made it clear that investigations on the matter have been concluded. And the police officers who were involved were suspended and are awaiting prosecution.

First, my sincere condolences to the Kianjokama family. IPOA has concluded investigations on the matter and forwarded the file to the DPP for action. Meanwhile, all the officers have been suspended with immediate effect to pave way for prosecution. he wrote.

Mutyambai also assured citizens that justice must and will be served.- As it should!

But he said that it will only be done if we allow the proper due process to take place with concrete evidence that can stand a trial in the court of justice.

Hilary assured Kenyans that the DCI is fully involved in the matter. And he also went ahead to share an update by IPOA on the same.

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority-IPOA said that they have concluded the investigations of the Ndwiga brothers’ deaths. And recommended that the officers be relieved of their duties immediately, surrender any government stores including firearms within the shortest time possible and be available round the clock for further investigations.

The authority mentioned that besides murder, they are pursuing other charges including negligence in performance of duty that may have been committed by any other officerd who attended to the demise of the two brothers.

As a result, IPOA vowed that it is fair, independence and impartial, thus the final findings and recommendations shall be disclosed to the general public.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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