Willy Paul is clearly upset by Shakilla. So am I. And so are you.

So on Tuesday 13th October news were rife that young Shakilla had been detained. Reasons for her detainment only emerged later when singer willy Paul addressed it on his Instagram page. Read article.

If you have been keen enough with Shakilla dramas, you most probably recall that she once went to Willy Paul’s house. And refused to open her cookie jar. (As she said) So that means she knows Willy’s house.

No sooner was Shakilla out of detainment than she claimed that she had been used.

By this point, we netizens and drama lovers didn’t know whom to believe. Because Willy Paul is just as mischievous as Shakilla.

Poze had already shared a CCTV footage showing the events of the previous night. Due to irregularities in both stories, Willy has had to give a further explanation seen on Nairobi Gossip Club, on Instagram. Here it goes:

Kindly don’t mention me kwa story za huyo dem. I don’t think that girl is okay mentally. She needs to see a doctor. Imagine she didn’t even have my number. So I don’t know where she got my number from and started calling. So she has been calling me on WhatsApp until juzi akaanza kupiga directly. The first time she called, I saw her pic and ignored it. But I wasn’t sure if it was her or someone else.

She keeps sending and unending DMS, even asking me to go live with her and break Xtians record. Huyu si ni wazimu? About her being arrested, I was in the studio with Teddy B when she called me on WhatsApp. She kept calling me. When I finally picked and asked who it was akasema ‘hey it’s Tiffany’. I told her I don’t know who Tiffany is. So she shouldn’t call the number again.

Business partner?- Willy Paul

After like twenty minutes, my type, yaani my chic who was at home called me. And was like ‘hey there’s a girl by the name Tiffany here and she says she’s your business partner’. I asked her why she opened the door to a stranger. She said the lady was too confident like someone who really knows me. Plus I can’t blame my type, she’s not Kenyan. So she don’t know how to handle things here. So I asked her to send the girls photo, ampige chini ya maji.

And she did that. I didn’t believe my eyes. That fool was there akizunguka hio keja, I was so shocked bro. She even asked the lady how long she’s been there. I wondered, what makes this girl think she can just go to people’s houses like that? So immediately I was sent the pic/ video I took two of my boys and went to my house with them. I found GOLIATH in my kitchen. The first thing I did, I asked her what she’s doing there and how she got to my house. She said we have a mutual friend. And the same friend told her that I’ve been looking for her, surely how stupid can one be?

Mama ya huyu msichana amtafute- Willy Paul

So I asked her what’s her friend’s name, she said Babi. I took the friends number and private called. The friend was so shocked to hear it was me but said that she hasn’t talked to Goliath kunihusu. This girl had her own motives, I checked her phone and realized she had recorded herself in my house for future use, I deleted.

I went to call the police and left my boys with Goliath. Mama ya huyu msichana anafaa amtafute. Because akiendelea hivi kuna mtu hatamsamehea. I came back with the police, they took her. The following day I made a call to Mlolongo Police Station and asked them to let her go. I even talked to her and warned her, told her to leave me alone na asiwaitaja jina yangu kabisa.

I’m pressing charges

Actually, before then, she texted me and asked me to drop the charges. Huyu dame ni wazimu coz right now, naskia akisema alitoka na bail. Does she even know bail ni nini? Or maybe she meant alitoka na belly? Coz that’s the only thing she can afford, it’s inbuilt. I told the officer in charge to let her go. I didn’t expect her to lie again. But this time huyu lazima ashikwe because i’m pressing charges if she doesn’t come out clean. I have all the evidence.

Willy Pauls receipts

So, guys, this drama has stirred so much reaction. We don’t know who and what to believe. So may the best side win!

By Wanjiru Mbaru.

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