By Baba Mboga.

The Betty Kyallo story isn’t your typical blog post,

No drama,

Or scandals,

Hakuna hate,

Maybe no fun?

…I mean… I exists because…well..

Can we just carry on with the damn blog?

It’s about moving forward,

Cutting off people that hold you back,

And mainly about believing in yourself because whew!

The biggest enemy apart from yourself,

Is probably your former Posh Palace business partner.

The title is probably a tell all

But the beauty, really, is in the details…


Maybe I should quit the suspense…

…but for real.

It’s literally about beauty,

and Flair…

I’m talking about Betty’s new honorary badge on an ever growing pile.

A little gem by that goes by the name,

“Flair by Betty”

Here’s the thing…

Betty Kyalo is kind of a big thing in Kenya.

From the news room to her social media,

She’s proven to be the little sweetheart we can’t get enough of.

And now, for a decent amount of cash,

You might be on your way to one hell of a confidence boost

Probably rock it better than Betty Kyallo herselefu.

Because well…

…who wouldn’t want to look all glam for the gram with a bit of Flair by Betty?

This is what’s up with Betty Kyallo…

So… Betty Kyallo just relaunched her beauty parlour named “Flair by Betty.”

…It wasn’t a bed of roses but she did it against all odds.

But she’s not completely new to the beauty industry….

A while back she teamed up with then close friend Susan Kaittany to deliver high-end beauty services.

I’ll sum it up in a few sentences…

…Betty Kyallo starts out as an influencer for Posh Palace then owned by Susan Kaittany,

…Betty gets on board to become a shareholder

…Life happens

…Betty Kyallo and Susan go their separate ways…

…But not without temporarily putting a cap on Posh Palace.

That’s right…

…This is where our homegirl bolts with over two thirds of the workforce.

But before you get all judgemental though…

Here’s what one of the “poachees” had to say on her social media

i am humbled to work with a beautiful soul betty kyallo. god’s favor be with you always. flair by betty is my new office.”

Sounds like a happier person to me… I’m just saying.

But now that the history part is done,

Si let’s skip to the good part?

That is surprisingly short…

…Probably sweet idk. I don’t like to blow my trumpets like that.

“The Launch”


Where do I begin?

Game recognise game…

And the guest list was phenomenal!

I’m talking Jalang’o…

And ummmmh…

Jalang’o? (here’s his full story by the way)

I wish I was being sarcastic but I’m not really.

It’s just that these blogs aren’t giving me much to go on here…

And speaking of guests…

Iko swali inatuwasha sana kama tea pickers.

I’ll ask it at the end of the blog along with our ever present screenshots…

But eneweiz,

Ida Odinga graced the event as the chief guest (which in my opinion was perfect to the detail.)

….In the midst of a global pandemic…

This just goes to prove that next to reggea is Flair By Betty,


Check out the launch here

I gotta go now guys…

But not before dropping that unnecessary pun

…along with the question Kenya’s all asking.

First things first…

Tea pickers demand to drink from Betty's cup
Tea pickers demand to drink from Betty's cup
Tea pickers demand to drink from Betty's cup
Mmesesma nyinyi hapana tambua Betty’s Flair?

Y’all even slammed poor Gloria on the spot with your questions.

Tea picker adds a pinch of leaves into the brewing pot
Yaani haingewapita?

Here’s how she reacted.

But out of all this,

Betty Kyallo got some banter,

But you’ll bet this banter’s better.

PS: Si when Edgar pays me I can get glammed up huko at a blogger’s discount?

My new Instagram account needs a profile picture.

Na nimeenda.


I wish you the very best in all you do…

You deserve it!

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