By Wanjiru Mbaru

Jalangoo loses his job at Milele FM in what seems like a misunderstanding.

Times have been hard since Corona invaded the country with most people getting laid off and others surviving on cut pays. If you are still working and getting the same salary you used to get si we are sorry.

The popular radio presenter of a local radio station, Milele FM, Jalangoo is just another victim of the layoffs. This comes barely a month after Jalangoo and his queer boy’s club was put to light. Well in case you missed the tea here’s the gist.

Jalangoo Boys club

In a leaked conversation that circulated all social media platforms, Jalangoo and his boys are seeing discussing the women they chew. These women are passed over from one guy to the next until everyone in the crew has had a bite. Surprisingly, Jalangoo and his boys are all married men who simply choose to disregard their wives. The leakage stirred so many emotions and reactions from netizens with some people feeling completely offended.

Jalangoo went ahead to post an explanation which for crying out loud was unnecessary. Maybe he and his boys should have apologized to their wives, not us.

the end. Source Facebook

His explanation really answered no questions and offered no answers as he went ahead to blame Edgar Obare for breaking families. Like really Jalas? Netizens were all left astonished as Jalangoo went on with work with other companies still using him to promote certain products. That was unexpected because it simply showed that those people support him and his immorality. Is there a possibility that he was dismissed from work because of this?

Milele FM layoffs

Milele FM like every other institution was laying people off due to the financial challenges caused by corona. Nevertheless, Jalangoo went ahead to explain that the HR and him couldn’t come to an agreement. In an Instagram post where he announced the loss, he explained that they had not agreed on a lot of things including working terms.

Jalangoo’s announcement on Instagram

His loss attracted reactions from various people and struck me most was this hilarious one.

The riveting emcee and comedian has now become one of the most sought after radio presenters since he began co hosting on a morning show. Jalangoo who’s also the Chief Executive Officer of Arena Media added that he intends to focus on his company and YouTube channel Bonga na Jalas as he looks for greener pastures. In an exclusive interview with tuko.co.ke, Jalangoo announces that six radio stations are after him offering him job opportunities. See.


In a recent Instagram post, Jalangoo is seen flaunting a new suit accompanied with a caption full of feelings. (Maafeelings). So the post has left a good number of people wondering if he’s angry at Media max for laying him off or what is. Should we tell him aache makasiriko ama tuache?

Jalangoo YouTube channel

His YouTube channel seems to be flourishing by day as he has hit a hundred thousand subscribers in a very short span. Here at BNN mourn his loss with him and wish him all the best.

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Baba Amesema…????Kesho we go live 1pm!

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