Mombasa Governor Joho has been blasted by netizens. This was after he criticised the services offered by Safarilink Airlines after he missed his flight.

Joho was set to travel yesterday via Safarilink around 4 p.m. But when went to board the plane he found that it had already taken off. Because time and tide waits for no man.

So an angered Joho took to his social media platforms to throw tantrums and rant about the unprofessionalism of the airline.

The aviation industry has no place for such unprofessional, unreliable, and uncouth behavior. He wrote in part.

Safarilink responds to Joho

So the said airline responded to Joho albeit with utmost professionalism.

Dear Hon. Hassan Joho,
Thank you for your feedback and although you did not share your complaint we respond as follows.
Our scheduled flight from Vipingo Ridge, to Nairobi departs at 16:00 hrs and the counters close 30 minutes before the flight departs

They wrote in part

According to them, the governor arrived at the airstrip four minutes past the departure time. And they also had to respect other customers who made it on time.

We understand you arrived at Vipingo Airstrip at 16:04 hrs which is past the departure time. As a premier airline we offer an ontime service for all our flights. We also need to respect our other customers who were on time and on board .

Safarilink added that they would be glad to rebook his flight without penalties.

It is unfortunate that you were unable to make our flight on time but we are happy to rebook your ticket to another date without penalties.

Dissatisfied, the governor went ahead to add that a penalty waiver is not a substitute for their bad services.

The ordeal sparked mixed reactions among netizens.

And they were quick to take sides with each one of them taking turns in giving Joho a piece of their mind.

Some felt that the airline was being lenient. But should instead impose a penalty on him. Because he obviously was aware of the consequences of his lateness.

While others argued that Safarilink are known for late departures, the general feeling was that they did good. Since time waits for no King.

Also, others felt that they should have responded to Joho in private.

What are your thoughts on the same?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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