By Teabag

“Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster”

-Sun Tzu.


It has this kind of madness around it that you can’t really completely shake off no matter how much you try.

Noise, I call it.

And I get it

Being alone with your thoughts can be scary.

Normally we’re only really forced to think about life after instances like the death of someone popular happens.

I mean death validates life…


We can ignore the thought of it but eventually we have to face the grim reminder sometime…

Ever thought why the death of someone we’ve all come to know all raises questions of where they go after,

What they did in their lifetime?

And how their actions affected the people around them?

I mean… that’s why obituaries exist, right?

Take for example the late C.Kirubi for instance.

He might be a hero to some.

He might be a thief to others.

But that’s all that is.

A concept.

An idea of what who he was.

But an idea without no action is just that.

An idea.

On that note.

Let’s talk about illusions, shall we?

Namely ego, money and time.

The illusion of ego.

This is what we believe we are.

To most people this is dictated by what we are told by others.

I mean think about it.

Is it not why compliments and insults exist?

If I walked up to you and called you a horrible person for some reason.

You would probably get offended.

But I don’t know you.

Only you know you.

“Why would you say that about me.”

“Why would you perceive me in that way?”

This statement also takes various other forms.

“What will people say?”

or better yet,

“Alikuambia nini kunihusu?”

And we are so fixated on this idea of ourselves that others have others have imposed upon us that we live by it.

That’s why we wear a mask,

A persona.

That’s why we have secrets.

We cannot bear to imagine how people would perceive us if they heard about things that we did.

Why people bend over backwards to protect this idea others have of them.

“They’re a celebrity, they have an image to protect”

I mean… this is the sole idea that has given rise to cancel culture and blackmail.

I mean… at its core

When you think about the recent Bridget Achieng’ leaks.

She might’ve uploaded these to the internet in the past with no issues whatsoever…

Because she held power over her nudity and released them at will for whatever reasons she did.

Someone somewhere took that power after that recording of her.

The more you know about people the more power you hold over them.

Isn’t it why Information is power after all?

Isn’t it why a seemingly huge brand can have a successful career only for it to be tainted by something seemingly minor reputation wise?

With an illusion of ego comes a persona to defend that ego.

The darker the shadow, the thicker the mask.

Or better yet,

The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.

-Carl Jung.

See you in part 2.

Where I talk about the illusion of money and time.

PS: Someone a while back suggested that I should “make your content relatable to others to share it with a wider audience.”

To which I quote the alleged son of the Almighty,

“Whoever has ears, let them hear.”

Matthew 11:15.

Hizi articles si za kila mtu.

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