Former Instagram couple Ezra and Isha Raffi has allegedly parted ways once again after setting standards on Instagram and getting engaged in Dubai.

Ezra and Isha had been one of those couples that are popular mainly because of their matchy-matchy outfits, flashy lifestyle, and dramatic love life.

The couple first came to the limelight in late 2020 when Isha took to Instagram to announce her breakup with Ezra, a former dancer. The Instagram model publicly denounced her lover revealing that he was a cheater and a beater. She went ahead and disclosed more details of their troubled love life sharing pictures and evidence that Ezra had turned her into a punching bag.

Her posts raised eyebrows prompting several women to reach out to her with more stories of their encounters with Ezra. Several women admitted to having received DMs of Ezra hitting on them and eventually sleeping with them.

One fan disclosed that Ezra had also slept with Weezdom’s ex-girlfriend Mylee Staicey. Mylee however vehemently denied the claims.

Back together

No sooner had the relationship gone down in flames with both of them pulling down their pics together, than they rekindled what had remained of the ashes. The two were later to be seen hanging out together in their matchy outfits. Isha reportedly threw a lavish birthday party for her cheating boyfriend, a move that left netizens dumbfounded vowing never to poke their noses in people’s businesses.

The proposal

The couple after their publicized reunion later flew to Dubai to enjoy life in June 2021. And Ezra popped the question to his girlfriend. Isha excitedly agreed to marry her boyfriend despite his past grievous mistakes.

Both of them shared all details of the proposal revealing that they were so deeply in love and inseparable as well.

The breakup

In recent developments of their relationship, it is very evident that it finally hit rock bottom. Netizens have noticed that the couple has unfollowed each other with Isha pulling down their couple goals pics from her page.

Ezra still has most of the pics even though he too has unfollowed his fiancee.

It is not clear what has led to the unfollowing. But fans are speculating that Ezra must have gone back to his earlier ways. Or could this be some orchestrated clout for a major announcement?

Why do you think they broke up?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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