Dancer Ezra and founder of the incredible FBI dance crew has been dumped by his girlfriend Isha.

The two don’t sound familiar to you, right? So Ezra is a former brother-in-law to Size 8. And the father to Mary Munyali’s son.

The dancer and his ex-girlfriend have been sharing really beautiful couple goals pics that left fans tongue-tied.

Ezra and Isha

So turns out that kwa ground things were completely different. Because Isha has taken to Instagram to expose Ezra.

Ezra is a cheater!

The slay queen made the announcement by admitting that leaving Ezra has been the best decision she has made this year. Her confession was followed by a series of ‘receipts’ from her followers.


Turns out every other girl had been waiting for that moment to share their personal experiences with the slay King.

Ezra has also been reported for trying to sleep with a minor.

The trip to Mombasa mentioned up there was filled with romantic pics and videos shared on both their Instagram handles. The pictures have since been deleted.

A wife beater

So not only was Ezra trying to get into every girl’s pant but was also beating his girlfriend. So bad that he once gave her pretty face a black eye.

Isha admitted to having taken legal action against her boyfriend for being physically abusive.

The dancer has also been linked to a sex party organized at Ringtone Apoko’s house in Runda.

So Ezra also tried sleeping with several of his friend’s wives and rumor has is that he managed to taste Weezdom’s girlfriends pot of honey.

In more screenshots seen on her Instagram stories, Isha’s fans have shared their thoughts about the same.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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