Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), Chief Executive Officer Ezekiel Mutua showered rapper Colonel Mustafa with praises for taking the bull by the horns after the former musician was spotted working at a construction site to make ends meet.

Dr. Ezekiel took to his social media to ask for Mustafa’s phone number and said construction work, otherwise known locally as Mjengo, is not necessarily for failures.

“Someone please inbox me Mustafa’s number. I have mad love and respect for people who face life head-on and do what a man has got to do to put food on the table. There’s absolutely no shame in taking up a mjengo job to feed yourself and your loved ones,” he said.

Dr. Mutua lauded Colonel Mustafa as the kind of celebrity that deserves to be helped.

“Unlike other celebrities, Mustafa has refused to wallow in self-pity and is not ashamed of his hustle. And by the way, mjengo is not necessarily for failures. It is a job like any other. But it takes courage for a celebrity of the calibre of Mustafa to take to such menial activities with pride. I love the positive attitude. This is the kind to be supported,” he said.

Offering help

Inferring to his music career, Mutua questioned the legal structures for artists to earn from songs being played in public for commercial gain.

Though from his own admission, he is not a member of MCSK, I am deeply touched by his story, his fortitude, and his positive demeanor.

Mutua confirmed that Mustafa would enroll in the Copyright Society to ensure that his past and future songs were safeguarded. And even offered to engage lawyers on the same.

He’s a gifted musician. And I have committed to pay for him to join MCSK and get back to music. We are also engaging lawyers to see how he can be compensated for the use of his music by broadcasters and at public events. Copyright applies throughout lifetime and 50 years after death. I am sure there are good lawyers who can help to pursue this angle and help Mustafa.

Write Ezekiel in part.

Ezekiel assured Mustafa of continued support from him and MCSK. And wished his mother a quick recovery.

You can count on me and the support of MCSK. Wishing your dear mum a quick recovery.

You may help Mustafa by sending your contributions to this pay bill.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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