Comedian Eric Omondi offered to reinstate Bahati’s sponsorship that was unexpectedly withdrawn from him by KFCB.

A few days ago, the KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua announced that they had canceled support to Bahati. See article.

So Eric Omondi has also previously been at loggerheads with the kfcb boss in regards to his popular show Wife material.

The moral officer argued that the show was not fit for consumption by families. And that Eric was portraying so much immorality. As a result, the show had to be canceled.

Eric sponsor’s Bahati

While launching his album yesterday, Sunday 13th, Bahati was surprised by Eric who slapped him with 200k cash.

The President of Comedy Africa said that as the president he had to step in and reinstate the sponsorship. Since it was canceled hours to Bahati’s event.

Omondi added that he saw nothing wrong with what Bahati did. Because as a creative the singer had to do whatever he had to push his album.

I honestly dont think @bahatikenya did anything wrong. As creatives sometimes we are called upon to do just that…be creative. Bahati did whatever he did just to push his album and that’s how he puts food on his table. 

Eric said that he sympathized with Bahati seeing that he’s a father of four and had to put food on his table. He also advised him against seeking help from CEOs. Because that guy (referring to Ezekiel) doesn’t help people. …I told him Wachana na huyo jamaa hasaidiangi watu but hakuskia. Next Time Tafuta PRESIDENT bwana Wachana na Ma CEO, ama namna Gani my friend?

More support for Bahati

Other celebrities such as aspiring politician Mohamed Alinur also offered to support the singer. He called out Ezekiel Mutua saying that it was wrong of him to pull out support. But also promised to offer Bahati the 200k.

I believe there are better ways to sort issues other than parading them online for cheap publicity. KFCB’s CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua alias Deputy Jesus has said that he has cancelled 200K partnership deal with @BahatiKenya. That has not only tainted Baha’s name but also jeopardized his main source of income. In my consistent commitment to support local artists, I am going to pay the 200k to Bahati. He wrote on Instagram. See post.

Do you think Eric giving Bahati money was real or kiki?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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