As we all are aware the Teamaster, Edgar Obare was on Monday 2nd November kidnapped in the morning. See the story here.

So Edgar was finally found safe and sound. The controversial blogger has taken to Instagram to share a detailed explanation of how everything happened. And to be honest this sounds like one of those scenes you only see in movies.

I had a court case on November 2, it was supposed to be virtual but changed at the last minute and I had to physically go to court. I arrived at around 10 am and saw my lawyer outside eating smokies. As I was going to say hi to him, three plainly dressed men approached me and asked my name. Then quickly holding me by my pants whisked me off to a waiting car.

I demanded to know who they were, where they were taking me, and what they were arresting me for. Refusing to answer they only said to a nearby police station. In the car, they put cuffs on me and they were getting too tight so I asked the guy on my left to loosen them up and they refused. He asked that I unlock my phone and cooperate with them, which I refused. One thing I’ve learned since my last kidnapping is Never trust the police.

Why the secrecy?

Edgar Obare went ahead to say

They put a hooded mask on my head as they didn’t want me to see where we were heading, but I could see a little under my nose. At some point, we pulled over and stopped. Some of the officers left the car and I heard the trunk open. I was so scared, I thought this is where they had come to dig my grave and this was it for me. I later assumed that when I heard them look for scanner that they were changing the number plates for the back and front of the car.

What is with all the secrecy? They put my hoodie over my mask and as well put a cloth over my handcuffed hands. Like they didn’t want to attract attention to themselves.

Physical harassment

In the car, they kept asking me about my work saying that blogging is not a real job. And that my work is just to break families. They accused me of extorting money from these people and asked who pays me to insult people

They all verbally threatened me, one saying that if I ever expose him for cheating he would kill me. Another guy said that he would fuck me in the ass. They kept asking me more silly questions about Dj Mo, Dize 8, Jalangoo, and Joho about why I insulted then and that I should find a better job.

I refused to answer their questions which enraged them more. They started kicking me as well as blows on my abdomen saying that is found answer them.

What will it take you to stop blogging?

I asked for some water and one of them refused saying if I don’t care for the welfare of the people I talk about on my blog then they wouldn’t care for me now. At the time I was trying to assess my situation and see if they were really concerned about keeping me alive. So I asked them for some small favors like some air conditioner, water. And straight up asked them if I was dying today or not. They all went silent. At this point, I was completely fed up.

They asked me what it would take me to stop blogging. I did not answer. After a while, they changed their mind and offered me some water. He had to feed me as I was still blindfolded and hands tied behind my back. The water tasted funny and I believe this is when I was drugged.

Humiliation 101

Shortly after, things got weird, they decided to strip me naked in the car by cutting off all my clothes to my boxers. I was completely naked and I noticed one of the guys at the front taking pictures of my penis. I was mortified and humiliated. These people were complete monsters and they disgust me.

Good Samaritan

They stopped the car shortly after and threw me out of the car into thorny bushes still tied up. I had to struggle to untie myself with the thorns piercing my skin with barely any underwear. After what seemed like an eternity in excruciating pain I got free and without any shoes on, walked to the road, and tried to stop any car passing by. I was seeing double and staggering the whole way.

Clearly, I looked crazy standing by the road in a polythene bag for underwear. But luckily a good Samaritan helped me, welcomed me into his house, and gave me some clothes, water, tea, and bananas. Bless their souls.

I was along the road to Chaka past Nyeri and these good Samaritan’s helped me find a taxi and get back to Nairobi.



By Wanjiru Mbaru

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A good girl
A good girl
3 years ago

Such a thing happened to me three years ago. I tagged a female acquaintance to come to hang out with me and my friends. She allegedly stole a phone and left (while I had passed out). The guys, my friends, put me in a car and drove off to sagana. I was harassed, tortured, and sexually assaulted the entire way. They undressed me and took pics of my boobs, they threatened to chop one titty if I don’t produce my thief friend…….. Smh. So sorry teamaster for this ordeal. If you guys see this fuck you all.tea master

3 years ago
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