In a heartbreaking turn of events, a high school teacher identified as Dennis Mwaniki, alias Mukono, aged 32, from Nthangari village in Embu County, has taken his own life following rejection by a woman whom he had promised to love forever. The police found his lifeless body in his house with blood and foam oozing from his nose, with a handwritten suicide note.

“Just decided to rest in peace, I have tried all means but all has been in vain. I have pleaded with her but all has fallen on deaf ears.”

He wrote on the suicide note.

Earlier, Mukono posted a message on Facebook, expressing his struggles and the need for a supportive friend during stressful times. He also extended an invitation to a gathering on 14/2/2024, for what would turn out to be his burial date.

“Evening Members when you are stressed you just need one friend to share with, meanwhile I invite you to my function on 14/2/2024 welcome all.”

Dennis Mwaniki, alias Mukono posted on Facebook.

Embu Teacher Leaves Burial Instructions

Embu teacher Dennis Mwaniki alias Mukono

In a suicide note, the teacher left detailed instructions for his burial. He requested to be buried on Valentine’s Day, with the woman who had rejected him reading the eulogy. Additionally, he outlined that his property should be equally distributed among his children, if any. And he assigned the area MCA and Embu County Assembly Speaker, Josiah Thiriku the responsibility to arrange his sendoff.

“Burial to take place on 14/2/2014. All my property to be distributed to my children if any, I may look stupid but I have shared my stress with  17 but none talked to me, let’s meet in heaven,”

The Embu teacher wrote.

The tragic incident underscores the importance of fostering open conversations about mental health and providing adequate support networks within communities.

By Vivian K.

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