Eddie Ndichu, one of the trending twins, has announced that he is taking time off to reflect on the viral video.
So Eddie and his identical twin brother Paul Ndichu, have been on everyone’s mouth since Sunday.
So this was after a video of then a assaulting women went viral.

So word has it the two were agitated after their sexual advances to the ladies were turned down. As a result, the two resulted to engaging in a physical altercation as well as vandalizing a vehicle.

A lot has been said by nearly every person that has set their eyes on the video.
So earlier today, one of their investors pulled out their investments in the twins co-owned company called Wapi Pay. See article.

Later in the day on Tuesday, 19th, the company issued a statement in regards to the video. And basically just gaslighted the whole situation and neither denied nor accepted the allegations. The statement has irked netizens who have demanded that the two offer a better statement.

Asif responding to the netizens, Eddie issued a personal statement offering no apologies whatsoever. And looks like he’s barely remorseful.
In the statement, Ndichu says he is extremely saddened by the incident being highlighted across online media platforms.
(he sounds as if somebody allegedly borrowed his body)

Ndichu stated that he can not comment further on the issue as it is being handled by the appropriate authorities.
As a result, of the pressure (we are giving him), he will be taking some time off to reflect on the embarrassing and unfortunate situation (which does not involve him). And added that he will also cooperate with all stakeholders to ensure a speedy conclusion of the matter. Netizens are going guns ablaze in his comments section after he portrayed the arrogance.

See statement

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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