Popular entertainer Joseph Mwenda, also known as DJ Joe Mfalme, along with six other suspects, will be held in custody for 14 days as investigations continue into the death of Inspector Felix Kelian Kitosi.

Felix Kelian Kitosi

The prosecution initially sought a 21-day detention period, citing, “The suspects pose a flight risk, and their continued detention is crucial to ensuring a thorough investigation,”

However, Kibera Senior Principal Magistrate Margret Murage granted the request for 14 days, deeming it adequate for ongoing investigations. Murage ruled, “Twenty-one days would be excessive. I find 14 days sufficient,”

The Incident

DJ Joe Mfalme, along with his crew and three police officers faced charges over the alleged assault on DCI officer Felix Kelian Kitosi, who tragically passed away after sustaining severe injuries.

The incident began on March 16 when the senior cop allegedly bumped into DJ Joe Mfalme’s car as he left the Texas Barbeque Club in Kikuyu. In response, the five occupants of DJ Joe Mfalme’s car, including the DJ, his bouncer, driver, and photographer, pulled the DCI officer out of his car and attacked him..

DJ Joe Mfalme

Kelian Kitosi was then taken to the Kikuyu Police Station after the incident, where he complained of abdominal pain and was observed to be urinating blood. Despite being released, his condition worsened, and he was rushed to Nairobi West Hospital, where he died on March 21, 2024, while undergoing treatment.

DJ Joe Mfalme, Others Detained

DJ Joe Mfalme in Court with six others

Magistrate Murage directed the suspects be detained at different police stations during the investigations. He declared, “The court orders that the suspects be detained at separate police stations for the duration of the investigation,”

DJ Joe Mfalme, Eric Gathua, and Simon Wanjiru were ordered detained at Muthangari Police Station, while Allan Ochieng would be held at Kabete Police Station.

The three police officers, Khadija Abdi Wako, Sammy Rotich, and Agnes Mogoi, will be detained at Riruta Police Station.

Conflicting Autopsy

The autopsy findings in DCIO Kelian Kitosi’s death have further complicated the case, with conflicting reports emerging. While the initial government pathologist’s report suggested an underlying condition as a potential cause of death, a subsequent police pathologist’s examination pointed to blunt abdominal trauma.

“The contestation over the autopsy findings adds a layer of complexity to the investigation, requiring meticulous scrutiny,” commented legal experts following the case closely.

As the legal proceedings continue, DJ Joe Mfalme and his legal team have reiterated their commitment to full cooperation with investigative authorities.

“We are committed to participating in the investigative procedure and will continue to extend our cooperation as required,” DJ Joe Mfalme emphasized in a statement.

The case will be mentioned on April 8.

By Vivian K.

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