Rapper Diana Marua has been trending recently for all the wrong reasons. This was after a video of her admittng to dating several men resurfaced online, two years after she posted it.

In the video, Marua is seen and heard talking about how she dated several men for the sake of money. The mother of three attributed her behavior to growing up poor.

“I used to date men for money at some point in my life. Because I lacked the whole of my life to a point where all I wanted was a good life, all I wanted was to live well. I dated guys for money and I had one who paid my rent, another did my house shopping and I had someone to buy me clothes and another to take me out,” she said.

Marua went on to disclose that she used to change cars like diapers when she met Bahati. She said that even when she met Bahati, she wasn’t working but drove different cars every time they met, and she would lie to him that she ran a car hire business.

“Money for me was never a problem and I see people on social media talking about me dating Bahati for his money and all that. Guys I don’t want to brag but let me tell you, even when Bahati met me and we used to hang out, I used to come in different cars. When we meet today I had this car, the next time we met again I had another car and one day he asked me, β€˜Where do you get all these cars?’ at that time we had not known each other that much,” she recalled.

Netizens react

Clearly dumbstruck by her confessions, netizens were quick to react about the same making Diana the trending topic on Twitter streets.

Netizens on Twitter reacted to the old video

KimuziBut Diana B has explained the daily life of more than 60% of Nairobi women.

πƒπžπ π«πšπ­πšI’ve watched that video and I’m now more perplexed at how Bahati is still dating Diana B, men used to be men

MetroboominBahati anafaa ajifanye amesota for like 2 months ivi aone kama that Diana will stick with him but im sure atasema “Aki baha this is not the life i want,bye”

Diana defends herself

In a recent post seen on her Instagram page, Diana Marua owned up to the video, stating that it’s still up on her channel and that he has nothing to be ashamed of.

She also expressed her shock to see herself trending because of a video two years ago. “I Was just scrolling n’ checking to see what’s popping on Social Media and I was surprised I am Top trending on Twitter because of a video I posted years ago as I Dedicated to God a Mercedes Benz Gift,” she said in part.

The post

Dear Girl Child

❀️ I thought I should write something to speak to many Women and girls who follow me and look up to me. Girls that have dreams but don’t know where to start but despite hardships they still know what they want to become in Life.

Fellow Women and Girls the reason I opened Up about my past in this Video is because God has lifted me as an influencer to inspire my Generation.

And also I strongly believe that True Role models don’t only tell their sweet stories but the Sad ones too. Mathew 5:14 is one of my favourite Scriptures and it reminds that “a City on a hill cannot be hidden ” THE VIDEO LINK IS STILL ON YOUTUBE; Watch and share with fellow Women and Girls with Dreams of starting up their own Families some day, Women who desire to accomplish their God- Given purpose. Let them Know that’s very possible.

Despite Knowing that the internet never forgets and the bloggers lazima waongeze Chumvi .. I did this Video Not Caring how some People will say or Judge Me (Of course I should only Care about My hubby not Keyboard warriors πŸ˜‰πŸ€©β€)

“I shared My story to Testify that Jesus can make every Woman’s wish come true. It pains me everytime I see our young Women lose hope and Bury their dreams as the society makes it look so impossible but if that was Diana 10 Years ago and today I’m a Proud Mother of 5, a Wife and Currently among the Most Followed Content Creators in Africa 🌍 TO THE WOMAN READING THIS DO NOT GIVE UP, WAKE UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAM- YOUR TIME IS COMIN

What are your thoughts on this isssue?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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