By Baba Mboga

Controversial Radio presenter Andrew Kibe has his shoes in a bunch because he might have received new a tad too bad news this week…

That’s right…

Reports are in the Andrew Kibe has lost his job at Kiss 100.

He’s not new to this site as he’s been alleged to have a little something going on outside the office… Check the full story here

He hosted alongside Kamene Kibe in the “Morning kiss..”

He posted a tweet that said:

“it’s been real with you watu nguyas. i will miss all your nonsense in the morning”

To which Kamene Goro replies only validating the rumors.

Tea pickers were quick to get ahead of the curve way before it was official.

It’s been said that Andrew Kibe got his head under the chopping block for repeatedly not complying with alot of company policies..

You know the typical lateness yaa yada yada…

Jalang’o replacemening Kibe?

But wait… It gets juicier…

Rumors are that Jalang’o might replace Kibe in the morning Kiss.

It’s been a tough month for Jalang’o as he lost his job at Milele FM less than a week ago.

A tea picker who happens to be a really close source informs Edgar Obare.

Y’all be quick af

His fans on twitter were really hit hard by the news with some sources stating that Radio Africa (the company that owns kiss 100) was slowly killing the brand.

Jalang’o is already facing criticism on twitter as most of the morning show fans say that Jalas isn’t really a good presenter.

I also didn’t really buy into the narrative that Jalang’o is a good presenter.

I mean…. it’s not like he doesn’t have a fan base but he has his specific style of comedy that doesn’t really sit well with me.

It’s almost like comparing Inspekta Mwala to Money Heist or something…

Alot of tweeps actually agree with this.

Heck… even a couple of Jalang’o fans agree.

What do you think guys?

On one hand we got an opinionated guy with delivery and a dash of controversy to keep him relevant

And on the other hand we have another dude with mediocre, stolen Twitter jokes and a shit ton of controversy to keep him relevant.

To be honest, I don’t like either…

So really it’s all about picking the lesser evil.

But clearly I don’t share the same opinion with a ton of Kenyans.

So what do you think about the whole situation?



and why?

Let us know.

Update: Jalang’o just hit numero uno on twitter right now…

Is it really all that?

Now that you have been served,

Here’s my Instagram.

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2 years ago

Too much negative vibe you got going on… No one needs this kind of energy now.

2 years ago

Too much negative vibe you got going on… No one needs this kind of energy now.

2 years ago
Reply to  Nene

Kamene & Kibe had some good work chemistry going on. Kamene & Jalang’o……….looks tricky to me but what do I know? Nothing.

2 years ago

Ati jalangoo wtf kameme and kibe were the thing

2 years ago

I think your opinion about jalango is biased.

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