By Baba Mboga

I saw a MILLION things happening during this epidemic,

But I did NOT see a pregnancy

By anyone for that matter…

An occurrence that I might only state as brought about by poor timing I guess,

But meh…

There is never poor timing for a blogger in my line of work though,

So allow me to introduce Corazon Kwamboka’s baby bump to the world.

Which was noted one month ago but Edgar let that one slide right out due to lack of proof.

We’re all about receipts though so don’t get me wrong…

But still Edgar,

Nairobi Gossip Club posted this like juzi talking bout “EXCLUSIVE!”

I’m out here like…

But you can have this one…


I’m not out to start blogger beef so ummh…


Appreciate the news which may or may not have helped me in my research.

But seriously thanks though…

I will still show you how we got this waaay before,

With dates

But you know how we are in here…

Everything good comes in twos

And we just might know who the baby dzaddy to Corazon Kwamboka’s plus one might be:

Here’s a hint…

Corazon Kwamboka decided to just gym it?

You know this dude,

I know this dude,

Heck, Maureen Waititu knows this dude

That’s probably because the two dated a while back.


Meet Frankie.

Who tf is Frankie?

I’m not about to get smacked out here educating y’all,

So I’ll say it as quickly as possible.

Frankie is your typical gym enthusiast with kedo 80k+ followers on the gram. He’s also been on a couple of TV ads.

I think I also remember doing something with Standard chartered back in ze day.

Just in case you were wondering why I said I would get my ass beat.

Here’s Frankie:

He’s a clean one gossip wise,

I have not heard anything from him for as long as his career has been up.

Which I don’t like but still,

You gotta admit he’s really consistent or he really knows how to hide his issues,

Or easier,

Just admit he’s a good person.

Which he is but…

That’s not what brought us here…

This ninja totally did it.

Mi hapo hunitoi…

…here’s why,


Si mwangalie timing?

So Frankie and Corazon Kwamboka took this pic together like 14 weeks ago…

A tea picker was more than happy to note that Frankie was in flipflops but hear me out here…

Here’s the pic first of all…

Hear me out…

So Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie took the pic 14 weeks ago right? (or sooner because that’s when it was uploaded on Edgar Obare’s story.

And Nairobi News went and reported that she was in the second trimester right?

I took the time to google when the second trimester starts and according to

“The second trimester of your pregnancy is from week 13 to week 28”-

OK… Alright

Maybe I stretched a bit with that one.

Look at Corazon Kwamboka’s caption basi.

And I quote:

“To the baby’s father; I couldn’t have chosen a better person to do this with blah blah blah.”


She didn’t say blah blah blah…

She goes ahead to say:


Wait a damn minute…

She said “How you raise your own.”

Frankie has two kids.

Mazematiks inaregister?

And the one fact that sits in front of you damn faces on Instagram.

I’ll take you back to the Teshna Wanyama scenario that’s on Edgar’s highlights.

Remember how Wanyama had an endorsement deal with Adidas and Teshna was rocking them threads like noone’s business.

Guess who’s the CEO to Genio Sportware?

The brand that Frankie is currently endorsing…


If you’re not convinced then nothing will convince you at this point.

You might as well wait on the kid getting born with muscles and 6 pack abs ndio ujue ni wake…

Na si nimeenda.

Here’s my Instagram.

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